Youth will come true, Professor Standford explained "life programming" technology science and technology Sohu – if there is one day, AIDS, hepatitis B and disappear from the earth. If one day we can cure cancer. If bald, obesity, myopia can be treated. If one day, we can again. The world will be more beautiful? The inspector was informed that gene editing and jamming technology is expected to be the dream into reality, he dived into the Tencent WE conference, Lei Stanley Qi (listen to the Stanford University professor Qi Lei) on "programming life" speech. (gene editing domain experts, an assistant professor of Stanford University Department of biological engineering and chemistry and Systems Biology Department of Qi Lei) we can put the body as a DNA computer, a computer with life information. The basic form of the gene is DNA, DNA encodes RNA, RNA encodes a protein, which produces complex functions. The horizontal flow of genetic information makes up our lives, and there is such a molecule of DNA, RNA and protein in each of us, and once this information goes wrong, we get sick. Human diseases can actually be simply divided into two categories, one is the human body to get the things that should not be caused by the disease, the second is that you lose some of the things you need to cause the disease. So, if we can be like a computer, add some buttons to the body: for example, one button is "change", when any error occurs DNA will occur automatically repair when press this button, help us to correct these diseases; for another example of a "delete" button, can help us to delete to the gene, such as infection of the virus; in addition to open or close the gene button, help us to adjust the function of these genes. If one day, we can do the above "life programming", so many diseases we will no longer feel afraid. Is life programming really possible? 1 CRISPR (gene scissors) fortunately, in recent years there has been a new technology called CRISPR (gene scissors), it is a biological engineer the hope in the eyes of people is used to overcome difficult to cure the disease of hope. CRISPR what is it? In simple terms, it is like a pair of scissors, a DNA molecular scalpel, which can help us pinpoint a certain location of the gene. CRISPR has two main functions: one is GPS, the other is scissors. It consists of a protein and RNA. This particular protein, called Cas9, is found in bacteria, which can be used to cut off the virus it does not like. And this accuracy comes from the combination of Cas9 with RNA, called the wizard RNA. (CRISPR gene scissors) RNA wizard, like a satellite navigation system, can take the molecular scissors to the gene corresponding to the position, and it is very simple way to find the DNA, known as the complementary principle. This is)相关的主题文章: