XiaMen North Railway Station bus field board room was blown into the office of the typhoon bus station personnel office on a bus in the morning. Xiamen – Xiamen evening news (reporter Wang Shaoliang Ventura) Xiamen North Station bus station 4 office activities of the board, is "Meranti" blow is gone, the bus became the first bus company’s office. More than 8 a.m. this morning, when reporters arrived at XiaMen North Railway Station bus station, to see the three buses composed of temporary fleet office. The first team of the station personnel office is on the table two notebook computer, a vehicle scheduling, another for the daily supervision. The two station personnel was squatting on the ground consolidation material. Jimei bus company first team sponsored by Cheng Weihong said, on the evening of sleep on the bus, a plank across the back of the seat, is a makeshift bed. In addition, there are three buses to be scrapped, changed to the driver’s dormitory, bus drivers waiting at the north station can have a place to rest in the evening. Jimei bus company first team captain Cai Gangzhou said, "Meranti" landing on that day, he was on duty station, all personnel evacuated from the activities of the board just half an hour, the activities of the board was blown up. "It will take half a month to improve the office conditions here." The general manager of Jimei bus company Wang Zhenyuan said, now the XiaMen Railway Station trains all moved to the station of origin, the first team undertakes the station passenger transport task, the last train normal to 23 more, occasionally late, so the driver at the scene on standby duty.

厦门北站公交场板房被台风吹翻 公交车成办公室 站务人员上午在公交车上办公。   厦门网-厦门晚报讯(文 图 记者 王绍亮)厦门北站公交场站的4栋办公活动板房,被“莫兰蒂”吹没了,公交车就成了集美公交公司第一车队的办公室。   今天上午8点多,记者赶到厦门北站公交车站时,看到三辆公交车组成的临时车队办公室。第一车队的站务人员正在办公,桌上的两台笔记本电脑,一台用来调度车辆,另一台用来日常监管。两名站务人员正蹲在地上整理材料。   集美公交公司第一车队主办程伟鸿说,晚上值班就睡在公交车里,一块木板横放在后排的座椅上,就是临时搭建的床。另外还有三辆待报废的公交车,被改成了司机宿舍,在北站待命的公交司机晚上可以有地方休息。   集美公交公司第一车队队长蔡钢周说,“莫兰蒂”登陆那天,他正在北站值班,所有人员刚从活动板房撤离出来半小时,活动板房就被吹翻了。“这里的办公条件还需要半个月才能改善。”集美公交公司总经理王振源说,如今厦门站动车全部移到北站始发,第一车队承担着北站旅客运输任务,末班动车正常要23点多才到,偶尔还会晚点,所以司机也在现场值班,随时待命。相关的主题文章: