Xi Jinping: to achieve joint development news – Sohu common cause in the world economy resonance, common struggle to keep step with, a multiplier. We are in a "global value chain" era, the development of all countries closely, joint development is the inevitable choice of the times. "Linkage" is Xi Jinping’s new understanding of the world economic growth mode, is the great wisdom of the east. In September 3rd, Xi Jinping at the opening of the group of twenty summit ceremony pointed out: "in the era of economic globalization, countries in the development of all countries, all linked together. No country can be spared, coordination and cooperation is the inevitable choice. We want to achieve the joint development of the world economy resonance." Please learn along with learning Chinese small series. Map: on September 4, 2016, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan held a banquet in Hangzhou Xizi Hotel, welcome to the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou, the foreign delegation and all the guests. This is a speech by Xi Jinping, on behalf of the Chinese government and the Chinese people warmly welcome the arrival of distinguished guests. First, strengthen the policy rules of the linkage in the era of globalization, the world is a large economy, every country is part of the economy, all countries have obvious linkage of growth and development, the economic development of every country are not exception. Therefore, countries formulate policy rules, can not only consider yourself, and he must be in the policy rules linked to each other, a unified force is produced, can not only ensure the healthy development of the national economy, and ensure the sustainable development of the world economy. Xi Jinping pointed out: "we should strengthen the linkage policy rules, on the one hand through the coordination of macroeconomic policies to enlarge the positive spillover effect, reduce the negative external effects, on the other hand, promote exchanges and mutual learning, to solve the problem of asymmetric system, policies and standards." We should strengthen the coordination of macroeconomic policies among countries and eliminate the negative effects of policies. All the countries in different stages of the economic cycle and its different stages of the world economy, economic development policies and regulations of the countries to develop, must not only conform to the law of economic development in the country, but also accord with the laws of economic development in the world. In fact, most countries are very difficult to do this. Therefore, it is necessary to have a global economic governance platform such as G20, to coordinate national policy rules, leading the world economic development. Xi Jinping pointed out: we should strengthen communication and coordination on major global issues, to achieve world peace, stability and prosperity to provide more public goods. We should establish a sound macroeconomic policy coordination mechanism, consider the linkage effect of domestic policy and transmission, to promote positive rather than negative spillover effects." Xi Jinping stressed: "the twenty members of the group should be combined with the actual national conditions, take a more comprehensive macroeconomic policy, using a variety of effective policy tools, overall fiscal and monetary policy, structural reform, efforts to expand global demand, improve the quality of supply, consolidate the foundation of economic growth. Should be combined with the formulation and implementation of the Hangzhou action plan, continue to strengthen policy coordination, reduce the negative spillover effects, jointly safeguard financial stability, boost market confidence." To strengthen exchanges and mutual learning, to solve the system相关的主题文章: