Woman 3 man never touch the bane of emotion from the white parasol in fact, both men and women will have this or that some emotional bane may not touch. Women’s world is also very small, women’s emotional lines are very thin and tired. Both men and women, in the emotional world, should be mutual tolerance, mutual understanding and support, only in this way, the world will be our survival become more lively and vivid, beautiful and moving. In general, the following three woman emotional bane, man please don’t touch, not to exceed. Otherwise, the emotional tug of war will allow the two once deep love hurts. A too mean challenge in the face of a woman, a woman’s self-esteem. Each woman for the man who will give special sarcastic ridicule, because the man than the sarcastic ridicule sarcastic ridicule women are more terror. As for the man who will only make sarcastic ridicule, a woman at a distance. Men often sarcastic ridicule women regardless of self-esteem, only their own momentary gratification, all women to add salt to the wound. So, please don’t be too sarcastic ridicule men in front of the woman. A man should be generous to be inclusive, otherwise too will a woman scare appearing nervous in public. Sarcastic ridicule will only scare a woman in two eyes, not only their own people, too selfish and overbearing. A man in the performance of his girlfriend or wife indifferent, ignoring the existence of the other, was only their own eyes without each other. All things are in their own personal interests, speak and act always unreasonable chicanery, three trouble, too radical. In love or marriage, both men and women should learn to care for each other, to give the other half enough tenderness and care. A woman’s inner world is no longer strong enough to tolerate their men too indifferent to their own. Because a man’s indifference will make a woman lack of security, and women are most concerned about is actually a sense of security. Men only give women a sense of security, women will give back more love. Women need more sense of security three, the lack of necessary communication and exchanges, often playing the cold war. Is the so-called different. Disagreeable conversation half sentence. Whether in love or in marriage, but if two people stay together morning and night it will be silent, both men and women of great trial and torture. Two people can come together is a great fate, a tacit understanding of the soul. If men and women often play the cold war, will only make it increasingly cold, until the dust laden, curing, dies. If both men and women have no common language, is always in the Diamond cuts diamond. situation, so these feelings are doomed to failure. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: