Movies-TV "Without A Trace" has vanished from our screens. After 160 episodes over seven seasons, it was perhaps time to put the show to rest, as the series was looking a little tired. That’s not to say it was always that way, and in the opening seasons, the adventures of the specialist team led by the sometimes outrageous Jack Malone were gripping to a very large TV audience. In reality, there is no such dedicated team in the real F.B.I. and it always seemed rather convenient to me that people seemed to disappear one at a time, whereas I am sure that if such a department really existed they would be inundated with missing persons cases. It was also a little surprising that the team seemed to be on the case within just a few short hours of the person vanishing, and, while I’m being picky, also unrealistic that so few of the missing people turned up dead, leaving our heroes to rescue them groggy but still alive! Not so lucky in the real world, I guess. But, criticisms aside, the show provided a lot of entertainment, not just with the cases, but with the personal back-stories of the characters making up the department. The on/off relationship between ‘Jack Malone’ and Poppy Montgomery’s ‘Samantha Spade’, for example, Eric Close’s ‘Martin Fitzgerald’ had problems with a father who is a deputy director of the F.B.I. leading to high expectations and others suspecting him of being favored, while also struggling with addiction to painkillers after being shot and most recently a romantic involvement with a female criminal! I remember Eric Close from the short-lived "Dark Skies" where he battled aliens. Perhaps he would have preferred the aliens! The star of the show, Anthony LaPaglia, despite his very good New York accent, is Australian, and a soccer supporter which makes him a very sensible man in my mind! His character’s sometimes gruff attitude, his no-nonsense approach to his work and his tendency to bend the rules provided much of the drama in the show. Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who played ‘Vivian Johnson’ also had a very good American accent, considering she is English! Her character suffered heart problems during the show and while respecting Jack Malone, also resented not getting his position when he was temporarily demoted. Like most TV dramas nowadays, a lot of music was played in the background of each episode, the lyrics of which were meant to match the action on screen. One of the most dramatic scenes which caught the attention of thousands of viewers was the final scene of an episode in 2003 when the dramatic action played out to the background of Jeff Buckley’s "Hallelujah." So, the series enjoyed a good run and had good ratings in its day but lost out to "Cold Case" when it as clear that only one of the two shows would be renewed. Maybe in a few years there will be a TV film to wrap up unresolved action from the final season. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: