The new Hilary hate WikiLeaks broke the news: former vice president Gore – the Sohu news [observers], Xiao U.S. time at 1 p.m. on November 3rd, Wikileaks announced a new mail on. John Podesta (John Podesta)? Is the United States Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s Campaign Committee chairman. In this wave of mail, the reader can see: 1, Hilary and former vice president of the relationship between the poor in the United States, and the former vice president of the United States, the United States and the United States, the former vice president of the United States, the. 2, Hilary does not oppose the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, built TPP), she just needs to fight for the TPP vote for her. 3, Hilary and the consensus behind the peace is not, the campaign team has been planning to destroy the Hilary, Mr. Saunders. 4, on the social circle have a very very ruined visit hobby. However, it is worth noting that, CNN also stressed that who can prove that these messages are true? In November 3rd, Wikileaks released the latest on the mail, people decryption found in Hilary and former vice president Gore is very bad, interestingly, vice president Gore when the president is the husband of Hilary Clinton. Hilary and Gore bad degree of the relationship is not even convenient to write in the mail. However, he mentioned that Gore refused to support President Hilary in 2008. Once Gore and George W. Bush in 2000 competition in the U.S. presidency, but ended in failure. Since then, Gore has become an environmentalist, and thus won the Nobel peace prize. Two, Hilary has always said that he was against TPP, but from the mail, she was against the TPP just to let the labor groups do not bother her. Three, Saunders announced after the withdrawal of support for Hilary, but such a settlement may not be achieved in a very friendly way. From the point of view on the mail, the Hilary team may put Saunders bully cruelly in private. Observer network noted that users also made a very classic comments. By the way, the Kim Dotcom is a legend of A-Sun and Snowden. He comes from Germany, is a genius hacker, had invaded the United States Department of defense and NASA website. He then set up an online resource sharing site. However, due to copyright infringement, the U.S. government to close. And then he wanted the world. So he was determined to reverse the United states. However, recently announced a series of acts Wikileaks has also been questioned by some U.S. media. For example, CNN moderator said, first of all, the behavior of WikiLeaks is illegal, followed by no one can prove that these messages are true, can not be forged? We will see below, the mail also pulled the hobby what destroyed three concept. (really destroyed three concept is easy to cause discomfort, do not want to see things from the page not) this email: this letter from the theme of "dinner" letter, a man named Marina.相关的主题文章: