Guangqulu two traffic today is expected to continue to   extended to the East six ring – Beijing channel — original title: Guangqulu two traffic today is expected to enable 6 this morning to six Ring Road East extension bus daily 6 pm to 22 PM, following the Beijing fast after another, leading to the Beijing City Expressway Tongzhou City Center – Guangqulu two officially opened. It is predicted that under the circumstances of no traffic jam, people drive only 20 minutes from Tongzhou to enter the fourth ring. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter took the lead in the two phase of the channel to experience the interview and was informed that the Guangzhou road, the second phase of the plan to continue in the form of the East extension of the road to the east of the six ring, but the specific program is still in the planning of the two. It is reported that Guangqulu two period after the opening of the Beijing fast, Jinghagaosu morning and evening peak pressure will be eased, the eastern part of the area residents will travel more convenient. No traffic jams 20 minutes into the city of Victoria City Transportation Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu introduction, Guangqulu two West of Chaoyang District East Fourth Ring Dajiaoting bridge, Dongzhi Tongzhou District Lok Road, a total length of 12 kilometers, take the whole overhead form, no traffic lights, the main road toll free, the maximum speed of 80 kilometers, traffic is an important channel connecting the city center and the southeast of Chaoyang District, Tongzhou metro. Zhou Zhengyu said that the opening of the two phase of the opening of the city of Tongzhou will be vice mayor of the city center and the city to add a fast channel, in the absence of traffic jams, the public can enter the city of Victoria from Tongzhou in 20 minutes. At the same time, will effectively ease the Beijing fast, Jinghagaosu traffic pressure. Or by ramp connected North Fourth Ring yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter first to Guangqulu two experience, the reporter saw, both tetracyclic to pentacyclic segment is three three six lane, five to Tongzhou section of the opening of the new four for four on the eight lane, the outside is the bus lanes, and has delimit finish. Auxiliary road for three on the three lane six. Beijing Morning Post reporter saw Guangqulu two respectively and the east ring, five East Road, tea house road, Lok Road intersection. Among them, five to Tongzhou has two entrance, one is the tea house road entrance, leading to the bridge road, the other is a Lok Road, directly connecting the internal road in Tongzhou city. In addition, at present, Guangqulu two can directly enter the south city of Victoria, but you also need to enter the North Fourth Ring direction first under the viaduct, along a segment of the fourth ring roads, the traffic department official said yesterday, the long-term planning, Guangqulu two is expected to be added to the ramp, connecting the North Fourth Ring Road direction. But it is still in the planning. "In the past from Tongzhou City District, or go to the street, and then on the Beijing fast, or choosing to walk the path, the former block, the latter is not easy." Living in the Lok Road near century star city residents Mr. Song said, now home to Guangqulu two opened today, he is ready to work experience. Bus 6 to 22 enabled Zhou Zhengyu said Guangqulu two bus lanes for as early as 6 to 10, depending on the bus lane will be opened, a number of bus lines in the national day, convenient city in the East, especially the residents of Tongzhou city of Victoria import. This reporter saw, in the east of the road near the entrance of the east entrance of the bridge, the public through the bridge from the auxiliary road to the main road by car相关的主题文章: