Small Business When it .es to reducing energy used and investing in renewable technologies, theres a lot of conflicting information, leading to investment in the wrong technologies, causing hassle and even extra expense for your business. This has led us to warn that not all renewable technologies are suitable for every business. As an established .pany, weve been educating businesses about this for years. .panies will be advised to install technologies which are the latest or simply advised on technologies the salesperson gets the most .mission for. It wont necessarily be the best technology for the business. Currently, biomass boilers are THE technology to invest in. But what happens if biomass is not a suitable technology for your business? Biomass Boilers- Not Suitable For All We recently spoke to a .pany who were very anti biomass. Since the installation of this technology, theyd had nothing but difficulties. Heres what went wrong. Problem 1- Location A biomass boiler requires space, and lots of it. They need space for their fuel and space for the boiler, let alone space for fuel deliveries. Therefore a city centre business would find a biomass boiler to be a difficult renewable technology to manage. City centres are space poor, with small side streets making fuel deliveries difficult, not to mention congestion charges adding extra costs. Problem 2- Fuel As mentioned above, whether youre using wood chip or wood fuel, its delivered in bulk and lots of space is required. The fuel storage areas need to be accessible for both the boiler and from the road for fuel deliveries. Had these factors been taken into account, the business in question wouldnt have had a biomass boiler installed, instead investing in an alternative technology which would better suit their requirements. Lighting- Not Suitable For All In a similar fashion, the general industry advice on lighting is to replace current bulbs with LED. However, before you rush to install LED lighting, there are simple measures businesses can take which will immediately save money. Lighting Levels Many businesses are over lit- their lighting levels too high for purpose. Simply by checking lighting levels against the CIBSE lighting table, businesses can establish the best lighting levels for their purpose. Turn It Off The most efficient light is the one turned off. Turning off lighting in underused areas will reduce energy bills. Alternatively, invest in movement sensors or light timers in order to better control which areas are lit and when. Bespoke Solutions When looking at ways to reduce your energy consumption, ensure you speak to a .pany who understand your energy needs and use and advise you accordingly. There is no one size fits all energy efficiency solution, so ensure you work with a .pany who visit your building first, and establish your energy needs and requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: