Why is liver cancer known as the king of cancer? The Sohu’s healthy liver cancer, known as the king of cancer, is expensive and has a very low survival rate of five years, and liver transplantation is the only option for long-term survival of patients with liver failure. Therefore, it is necessary to learn all kinds of knowledge about liver cancer. As everyone knows, the liver is an important organ in human body plays an important role in fat, three sugar and amino acid metabolism, it performs up to 500 different functions, including the energy as glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, the secretion of protein, thrombin, various body hormone needed to digest fat and bile. It helps us to digest and absorb food, detoxify the body’s drugs and harmful chemicals in the blood, filter the blood from the gut, and recycle it to the body. Although the normal healthy liver has a strong ability of regeneration and self repair, but chronic inflammation can permanently damage the liver, can further develop into cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver failure. In what way will the liver be injured? 1, excessive or abuse of painkillers liver is the body’s main detoxification organs, you take each of the drugs are liver enzymes. Most drugs have side effects, and long-term accumulation can lead to liver damage. Commonly prescribed prescription painkillers, especially those containing acetaminophen, such as Vico, paracetamol, etc., if overused or abused, can cause liver disease and even liver failure. Even such as Tylenol nonprescription drugs, if not prescribed careful use, can also cause liver damage. 2, EB infection, according to statistics, more than 90% of the world’s adults infected with the virus. When the body’s immune system is weak, EB virus can cause hepatitis, and then progress to liver disease, including liver cancer. In addition, viral hepatitis B and C infection, after a long period of development will eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver. 3, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) as the name implies, is due to excessive fat accumulation in the liver caused by liver disease. The normal liver contains fat cells. However, if the total weight of the fat is more than 5%~10% of the liver, the liver is called fatty liver. NAFLD is commonly found in overweight and obese patients, or in patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. According to statistics, up to 25% of patients with NAFLD in the United States can progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver failure. 4, chronic inflammation can not be reversed when the injury is called cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis may be due to diet properly and in patients with decompensated long-term, if the control instability will cause further complications, including liver cancer and liver failure. The 3 phase of liver damage, cirrhosis of the liver, liver cirrhosis is generally a complication of liver disease, due to the serious damage caused by the changes of liver cells in the 1. It is usually due to excessive alcohol consumption, or viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, after a long period of development eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis can progress to liver cancer and liver failure. Cirrhosis of the code 9相关的主题文章: