Why do clothes start to blame when the brand is not good? Photograph: bad news independent.co fashion industry recently Everfount: John Lewis first half profit lost 75%; fashion chain retailers expected sales year-on-year decline of 2% Primark; Marks & Spencer announced in July quarter revenue has shrunk dramatically after continuous downsizing…… laugh is good, the main market in the UK fashion company recently directed collective the alignment of the weather, to alleviate the outside world for suspicion and criticism for its poor performance – 4, May 8, September is not hot enough, and not cold, you let us how to sell clothes? "Consumers are cutting back on their spending on fashion, something we’ve never seen before." Morgan Stanley retail analyst Geoff Ruddell found that the degree of decline has hit a new record in nearly 20 years. In view of today’s unpredictable climate, most people choose to wait and see when the winter comes. "10 years ago at the moment, we have began to buy winter clothes." Market research firm Kantar Worldpanel analyst Glen pointed to more than and 20 degrees in London, said the weather, "but apparently, who would buy a coat in this weather?" said Tooke" In September 13th this year, the highest temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius in London, but in the last year in September are basically below the temperature of 20 degrees. Analysts say "as everyone knows, the climate is poor sales reason to shirk, but this time I have to believe." Research firm Conlumino retail analyst Neil Saunders said. French bank Societe Generale analyst Anne Critchlow expects H& M; this month revenue fell 2 percentage points, but the downward trend is likely to be reflected in the operating margin, "the turn of the summer and fall too warm, the whole European market in a fashion." Bernstein Research (Bernstein Research) analyst Jamie Merriman issued a warning that if the new season continues to delay the arrival of retailers can only be forced to sell goods at a discount. She said: "I hope H&, M and other fashion companies have sufficient resources to deal with the current climate, otherwise we will have to increase the intensity of the discount." 2017 spring and summer fashion week in Milan: LUCIO VANOTTI black and white stripes entangled due to the temperature difference is no longer obvious, retailers have to find ways to change the original model in order to cope with sudden changes. For example, from the original seasonal changes in clothing to be stacked to wear, in the reserve of thicker clothes in winter while ensuring a certain amount of light. But given that most British retailers rely heavily on the supply chain is located in the Far East or South Africa, once the road transportation cannot make it very difficult to turn the freighter, retailers according to temperature adjust inventory, it is probably waiting for sales on the field of "winter". Fashion and weather, who is in charge? A few months ago, the world’s second largest fashion retailer H& M.相关的主题文章: