Why not look reputation in North Korea us not Kerrey or stay home information: Xi Jinping Kerrey met U.S. "national interest" the January 31st article, the original title: China why not on North Korea at the US Secretary of state Kerrey to visit Beijing, you should press North Korea to host the class on the nuclear issue, but he eventually frustrated. The government agreed to China should act, but once again proved it to the threat of North Korea’s survival. Even before Kerrey arrived in Beijing on the clear do not agree with him. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, the origin and the crux of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula in Chinese, the key to solve the problem is not in Chinese. The spokesman also said that the (US) don’t always for others "backseat driver,". Chinese official media said, as long as the United States continues to take the opposite attitude based on the thinking of the cold war, such as refusing to talk to Pyongyang, continue to threaten North Korea, so China alone put pressure on North Korea, cannot be persuaded to give up its nuclear program. North Korea is not subordinate relationship. The next time Kerrey have the impulse to any Chinese class, he should take persuasion. Chinese apparently believes that only "the United States is preferred to lead, not in their interest. If Kerrey wants to Chinese to do so, to persuade Chinese, the proposal with Chinese interests. Although it is theoretically reliable, but in practice takes a lot of effort. Simply ordered Beijing to do, do not work, always so. In fact, from the Chinese perspective, Beijing’s position is understandable, it is reasonable — even if Washington has not to regard it as right. In 1950 China war, to prevent the U.S. Army toward the Yalu River advance. In Chinese view, (now) the nuclear armed forces the next door neighbor seemed not so terrible, but the US China military tightening the encirclement of the symbolic meaning of the great. Beijing believes that a unified Korean Peninsula followed by American alliance with a nuclear North Korea (threat) not much difference. If the Chinese embargo on North Korea in the oil and food, destroy a tough Pyongyang regime, the consequences may be North Korea in great difficulties and then a large number of refugees fighting factions, through the Yalu River, Syria refugees fled to Europe than momentum. Chinese will face nuclear weapons and the Korea US coalition forces across the demilitarized zone to the plight of the peninsula. This will be their biggest nightmare. Therefore, the Secretary of state Kerrey, please tell me again, why should Chinese destroy their own geopolitical position, for the United States to achieve the goal of fuel? Kerrey in Beijing the task of theory is not impossible, but if he privately transfer information and public declaration, so no breath waiting for him to win China "to take resolute measures to deal with North Korea’s support. The next time Kerrey’s visit to China, should play the art of persuasion — otherwise, or stay at home. (author Doug bandow, news translation)

中美为何在朝鲜不对眼 美称克里不行还是待家里吧 资料图:习近平会晤克里   美国《国家利益》1月31日文章,原题:中美为何在朝鲜问题上不对眼 美国国务卿克里到访北京,就应该在核问 题上施压朝鲜给东道主上课,但他最终铩羽而归。中国政府同意应有所行动,但再次被证明它不愿威胁朝鲜的生存。甚至在克里抵达前,北京就明确表示不同意他的 看法。中国外交部发言人说,半岛核问题的由来和症结不在中国,解决问题的关键也不在中国。这位发言人还表示,(美国)不要总是对别人“指手画脚,说三道 四”。   中国官方媒体说,只要美国继续采取基于冷战思维的对立态度,比如拒绝与平壤对话,继续威胁朝鲜,那么仅靠中国施压朝鲜,无法劝其放弃核计划。中朝不是上下级关系。   下次克里再有冲动给任何中国人上课时,他应采取说服方式。中国人显然认为,唯“美国的优先考虑”马首是瞻,不符合他们的利益。如果克里想要中国 人这么做,必须说服中国人,美国的提议符合中国利益。虽然这在理论上可信,但实践中要付出巨大努力。只是简单地命令北京如何行事,是不会奏效的,向来如 此。   实际上,从中国的角度来看,北京的立场是可以理解的,是合理的――即便华盛顿对此不以为然。1950年中国抗美援朝,阻止了美国军队朝鸭绿江挺 进。在中国看来,(如今)隔壁邻居的军队核武装似乎并没那么可怕,但美国的对华军事包围圈收紧的象征意义将依然很大。北京认为,一个统一后跟美国结盟的朝 鲜半岛与一个拥核朝鲜(的威胁)差不了多少。   若中国对朝鲜在石油和食品上实施禁运,毁掉一个强硬的平壤政权,其后果可能是朝鲜陷入极大困境和派系武斗,接着是难民大批穿过鸭绿江,声势要大 于逃往欧洲的叙利亚难民。中国将面临核武器和韩美联军越过非军事区强行统一半岛的困境。这将是他们最大的噩梦。因此,克里国务卿,请再次告诉我,为何中国应该毁掉自己的地缘政治立场,为美国实现目标推波助澜?   克里在北京的任务理论上并非不可能完成,但如果他私下传递的信息和公开的宣示一样,那么不用屏息等待他能赢得中国“采取坚决措施应对朝鲜”的支持。下次克里访华时,应施展说服艺术――否则,还是待在家里吧。(作者道格・班多,传文译)相关的主题文章: