Who is Fan Bingbing Yang Mi said the velvet curtain cloth when wearing fashionable lead: when see the wind "when one of the pieces so far — due to brood on lack of supplies, beauty such as the life of the heroine Scarlett to see men, put their own curtains down DIY, a dress, when the hostess wearing this emerald velvet dress lightly, I want to go to the market to buy red velvet covered on the block. (content source: ONLYLADY woman chi) and "float" stills with velvet, noble blood, like a piece of jade, carved by skilled craftsmen once, will shine. Winter 2016, top designers are on this piece of jade carved again, let it bring luster gorgeous figure swaying in the autumn and winter 2016 T taiwan. A popular velvet autumn, many stars put velvet draped body. Fan Bingbing wore a Elie Saab dress in the latest event, and the deep V’s upper body was a delicate velvet texture. Fan Bingbing recently, Yang Mi wore a scarlet velvet shirt Saint Laurent at the airport. Yang Mi Lan Qin used the coat with silk velvet trousers, low-key luxury is probably the way. Lan Qin相关的主题文章: