Where did the wind go? – a little boy at the end of a happy day at the end of the day, the Sohu asked: "where has it gone after the wind has stopped?" His mother explained to him that the wind didn’t stop, just blew it somewhere else. Then, she told the children the truth of the matter in a gradual way, only in another place, or in another form. The rain returned to the cloud, the formation of new wave back to the rain; in the sea, becoming the new wave; night and day night cycle, for a little boy brings darkness, the stars, let him fall asleep. The boy and his friends have been playing in the yard, it was getting late, the sun, finally fell into the sunset, the day just disappeared. "This night to be here." Mother said, "look," she pointed out the window. In the night sky, pear later the boy saw a silver white moon. "That’s the night beginning," mother hand on his shoulder and told him, "can let you fall asleep with the moon, and the stars at night." "But the day is gone, where is the sun?" Asked the little boy. "The day is not gone, it’s just gone somewhere else. We are the night, the other is the day. The sun will rise in that place, nothing will ever disappear." Mother told the boy that nothing in the world will disappear forever. Is that so? The boy can’t believe it. Mom said, if the thing is gone, it just changed a place, or a different look. The boy continued to ask, mother continued to answer. "Then, after the wind stopped, where did it go?" When the wind stopped, it was blown to the other place, and let the trees dance." "Where is the dandelion fluff blown by the wind?" "With the new seeds don’t fly to the yard of the pasture." When the mountain reached the top of the mountain, where did it go?" "Down the slope and into the valley." Where can I go when the waves of the sea fall upon the sand?" "Return to the sea, into a new wave." Where did the rain go when the storm passed?" "Back to the clouds, into a new storm?." The clouds drifting across the sky, where to go?" "Somewhere else to shade." "The leaves in the forest changed color and fell" "Back to the earth, into a new tree with new leaves." The boy asked these things, which is just a place? What is the change? Can you tell? It seems that my mother is right, really nothing will disappear forever. However, the boy is not satisfied, he continued to ask: but, when the leaves fall, there must be something missing." The boy said, "it’s autumn." "Yes." The mother replied, "the autumn and the winter." "And after the winter?" Asked the little boy. "At the end of winter, the snow melts.相关的主题文章: