Argentina the most cattle Cafe – what kind of Sohu of Buenos Aires tourism is popular in the following two kinds of argument, the first argument is "coffee is the history of the history of Argentina", the second is similar to the Great Wall is not a true man, called "mate drinking will not come to Argentina". This people can not help but wonder, mate or coffee, which is like the national favorite? In fact, coffee mate and Buenos Aires people, like a wife, lover and husband. As everyone knows, the coffee is made entirely of European settlers in South America to establish the industry and customs, it is completely a mixed history. With the implementation of the 90s Argentina large-scale immigration policy, coffee accelerate the integration of the nation’s blood, and the efficacy of its mellow conquered people. You will see the Buenos Aires cafe with almost every few steps is a. A cup of freshly ground coffee, two fluffy croissant, a post launch, opened Buenos Aires elegant and leisurely day. In this cafe too many to count, the most representative, the most famous and the most representative of the Argentina coffee shop, which is famous: Thor Toni cafe. Opened in 1858, this is an old watch have experienced years of wind and frost, the door hanging in front of the numerous honorary bronze knew it after many years of wind and rain. It created the first place of Buenos Aires literature cafe. In the 20s of last century, it was a gathering place for upper class society, intellectuals and artists to discuss world affairs and the development of literature and art. Each seat beside the store will have a metal sign shown here was what master table, but also kept laughing like former celebrity statues, one of the most famous tango master Carlos? Gardel, poet Lewis? Borges and legendary female writer Alfonso Sienna Stowe emperor?. The guests had come here and Nobel prize winner Garcia? Marcks, pianist Artur? Rubenstein, US Secretary of state Hilary Clinton and others?. It is no exaggeration to say that Thor Cafe Toni as a silent witness, witnessed the vicissitudes and changes of Argentina modern history, but also reflects the characteristic of the once colonial years of South American countries "mixed culture. Sunset brought me to sleep, I drank a lot of mate, quickly put the bed for the night. Although the wind and cold Youqiang, I never slept so comfortably, "Darwin" the Beagle brigade "in 1836 came to Buenos Aires, how can miss Argentina’s Dai Yin Ma tea, the traditional Argentina style tea, are all relatives and friends sharing a Straw, they will be seen as proof of this intimate relationship with each other and if someone asks you to drink with his mate Straw, that he will have you as a true friend. Mate and coffee in Buenos Aires is not only a kind of beverage, which represents a different way of life. Mate is more traditional, family, and the coffee guide is biased towards modernization and fast L相关的主题文章: