Wenger: Chelsea let Terry very dangerous Arsenal will not sign Terry he will bid farewell to Chelsea sina sports captain Chelsea Terry announced in the summer on Sunday will leave the club in the summer, it also attracted a football hot. Arsene Wenger believes that Terry lost such iconic players is very dangerous for Chelsea, but when asked if he would like to sign Terry to sign Cech as Wenger, the answer is no.. Wenger said: "Terry has come to the end of life, if he wants to play a little longer, I’m sure he will continue to play for Chelsea. He is not only a great player, he is a great coach on the pitch. Terry U21 I have seen his game, his performance is good, he is a real leader, he lived a perfect life. Lampard, Drogba, Terry and Cech are the same as the symbol of Chelsea, the loss of such players is very dangerous." But when asked if he would like to sign Cech last year, Terry signed the Chelsea medal, Wenger gives a negative answer. (Marco)

温格:切尔西放走特里很危险 阿森纳肯定不会签他 特里将在今夏告别切尔西   新浪体育讯  切尔西队长特里在上周日宣布会在今夏离开球队,这也引来了足球圈的热议。阿森纳主帅温格认为,失去特里这样的标志性球员对于切尔西而言是很危险的,不过当被问到是否会像签下切赫那样签下特里时,温格的答案是否定的。   温格说:“特里已经到生涯的末期了,如果他想踢得再久一点,我确信他会继续为切尔西效力。他不仅仅是一个伟大的球员,在场上他也是一个伟大的教练。特里在U21时我就看过他的比赛,当时他的表现就很棒,他是真正的领袖,他度过了完美的生涯。特里和兰帕德、德罗巴、切赫一样都是切尔西的标志,失去这样球员是很危险的。”   不过当被问到是否会像去年签下切赫那样,签下特里这位切尔西的功勋时,温格给出了否定的回答。   (马尔科)相关的主题文章: