WeChat circle of friends in the myth of wealth "Ti Li Sarah derivative" business operation "reporter Hou Jun Beijing reported in WeChat’s life, whether you are a large circle of friends Shuabing dial to attract purchasing agents? In the "fingertips monthly income of tens of thousands" temptation, maybe a lot of people watching on the heart. In October 28th, the reporter added more than one designed to do under the "Li Ti Sarah Jane whoosh" derivative of slimming products, agent group, have a look how to do senior agents brainwashing tour, a well-known micro business operation will appear. A few hundred dollars to buy the product after becoming agents, the hand and teach others how to coach WeChat, sales communication skills, special software sales agent, forwarding the images and ask around the show to attract more people to participate in…… A top of the Pyramid director of the myth of wealth, WeChat circle continued blazing burning unidentified people, and after the purchase of products, the development of new members, new members to buy products, then members supported. A large number of students in the school, foster young children at home to become the main members of the micro business, however, it is difficult to sell the product so that those who had hoped to become rich participants become depressed. "Feeling cheated!" Hubei, a 28 year old female agent Ti Ali Shar told reporters that the first business in good faith, but this kind of micro business behavior, contrary to good faith. Circle of friends of the art of packaging box 10 box 10 meters wind Jane, with 880 yuan can entry training." Hundreds of people in the team, the top sales training, we are doing the global market, you can go to my circle of friends to see my deal." The WeChat named Lu Lu Ti Ali Shar female agent well versed in operation if the road, in detail Ti Ali Shar’s official website and the proxy authorization number, she said: "my time is precious, you can go to the circle of friends I know." By understanding the reporter learned that pay 20 box fee, will be pulled into the special group learning training, training is the way WeChat voice training, teaching content is how to zero foundation, and how to enhance the team, sales etc.. If you pay 880 yuan to experience the product, how to sell WeChat friends, how to develop more agents…… Another "Jane whoosh" beauty agent told reporters revealed some of their simple training content. "Jane’s whoosh" is Wuhan Ti Ali Shar fashion trading company (hereinafter referred to as the Ti Ali Shar company) under a weight loss product name, and "thin" homonym, and to "China Time-honored Brand", "Nanjing Tong" foreign show. In addition, the company also has "m Xi", "Ti Li Sarah" and other brands. "People is the most simple, WeChat search and add friends nearby people, unfamiliar street, social networking sites, such as micro-blog, or participate in various activities, you can own in the group activities, such as preferential incentives or recommend a few people, I can add 200 people a day." This small micro business named Ti home said. According to its introduction, pull a variety of people, building groups, voice training, etc., rolling development more agents, the more agents you develop, the more you sell the product." This name.相关的主题文章: