"We have come to the" hundred years of experience into the fire type AC transfer moved – Sohu   entertainment; Karen Mok sang "outside world" Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news last night, "we have come to the" broadcast Dalian Railway Station second period, all the guests into the Dalian fire brigade "100 years of fire", with the experiential communication show Dalian firefighters heroic beauty, not only feel a lot of hard work and brave firefighters, close contact with the firemen, they every day in the daily work of the fire go through fire and water also let the stars moved tears. "We have come to the" has been to transfer positive energy and show the beauty of the culture as its mission, focus on the different occupation experience also shows from the first to the second season continues, this episode with fire theme, novel form and delicate touch get a piece of praise, not only the network very high reputation in the professional. The media has also been praised. From the data show that the show last night to visit the Dalian fire brigade firefighters and fire spread and close interaction between knowledge and skills, to attract a large number of young people aged 24-33, the part of the crowd of audience share over the previous period increased by 21.1%, the arrival rate increased by 48.6%, net national ratings 1.41, share 4.59%, continue to be a Friday night ratings and reach the highest rate variety show, enough to see the audience for this episode of recognition is very high. All star experience exchanges feel the fire of the beauty of Jiang Yiyan heroic tears that was touched as peace the most dangerous arms, hardships and tears all the firemen did not know this episode, "we have come to the" star in perspective, from experience, close to the firemen, daily show the firemen’s training and life. In the program, "star fire chief" Wang Han and the "real man" Yuan Hong led the eight goddesses were divided into training and challenges, listen the station Junzi not standardized from the beginning, to carry the gun to fire overweight later, they use rigorous attitude, with the unique charm of idol, in cooperation with the firefighters they completed a sensational "burning flame". Deputy director of the Ministry of science and technology in the daily Guangming Jin Zhenrong "we have come to the" Beijing brand seminar also spoke highly of: "the fire is a very boring, involves a lot of technical fire. As a very simple program does not look good, but that which used the idol, use the star, using public effects on the star, with positive energy content, I think that this program has improved, and the program to enhance the audience’s appreciation and appreciation grade." For the stars, this program also has a special significance. Starting from the unique experience of Macao single for the first phase, each station is a new experience, the Dalian Railway Station is to let guests feel the tension and difficulty of hitherto unknown. The program group by carefully set the game "escape from Domino", let guests and firefighters in 22, running backwards, to experience the life and death race, while firefighters move guests was moved down in the Domino frame of the moment, they are using their bodies will block the guests in the body, this is instinct of daily training, and firefighters.相关的主题文章: