Capricious send "Junior Three Kingdoms" the biggest welfare Thanksgiving activities – People’s network game original title: capricious send "Junior Three Kingdoms" the biggest welfare Thanksgiving activities "Junior Three Kingdoms" first exposure has been two years! In the past two years, the "Three Kingdoms" completed the transformation from the phenomenon of the game to the industry benchmark. To thank the majority of game player love, "the young Kingdoms" special offer "true Thanksgiving season", lasting 22 days, there are gifts every day! From the beginning of October 13th, the massive benefits will be high energy struck, are you ready? Thanksgiving with you, all the way along! During the event the teenagers log in the game, you can receive 60000 gold resources and VIP experience! More rare in dressing passion three, exclusive title of soaring power capacity, scarce resources to send to send to send the mysterious! This time, let’s play, "the young Kingdoms" and you Be There Or Be Square! [the 60000 gold resources of the wayward send to get soft] "the young Kingdoms" "true Thanksgiving season" during the activity, the boys just log in the game, can receive a lot of gold and silver on every day, welfare box, lying can get benefits, the total value of the resources of this wave of gift has reached 10 648 many! History of the strongest activity, no one! [time] win massive benefits subject tasks in addition to login will be able to receive gifts, "true Thanksgiving season" will also launch a limited subject task, as long as the teenagers in time to complete the assigned task, you can get rich rewards! The theme of the task runs through the "Three Kingdoms" of the various play, young people, as usual, do daily, you can easily complete the task, to win rare resources, embarked on the pinnacle of life! During the event, "the young Kingdoms" will run a big cash recharge red, as long as the boys get some value of fame, you can receive red envelopes to recharge, "gold shop shopping"! At the same time, the young people to attack nightmare copy will also have the opportunity to get VIP experience, enhance the VIP level, unlock more permissions! Usually recharge will be some treatment, less three let you free experience, buy a hi! Burst your fighting people rely on clothes horse saddle burning passion to help it rare three, boys fighting in the three countries, how can other immutable and frozen? During the event, "the young Kingdoms" free youth 3 rare cross dressing, let you fight together! Amazing shape, cool by you, turning will light up the dressing illustrations, enrich your exclusive wardrobe! Beautiful dressing, let your protagonist turned gorgeous adorable Q lantern costume, let you battle fun limited edition booster power double promotion "title attribute true Thanksgiving season", "the young Kingdoms" will send 3 activities exclusive title, subject task can be accomplished within a time limit. These titles can not only enhance the attribute power of the teenager, anger can help recover automatically, help young bursts of strokes! (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: