Want to start a new bright black iPhone? This may really have to cut the kidney – Sohu science and technology Sohu digital Lv Linxuan iPhone 77 Plus scheduled to. In appearance, this is the most exciting desire to buy new bright black color. In fact, the new iPhone 7 7Plus a total of two ordinary black, black and bright black, the bright black version of the official English named Jet Black, has become the design improvement of the conference emphasized that apple, Apple’s official website at the same time the main interface main color is the color. I believe this will become this year’s most fiery iPhone color version, cattle have been ready to. However, if you want to start a new bright black iPhone you may need to know the details: whether iPhone 7 or iPhone 7Plus only 128GB and 256GB two versions of the iPhone 7Plus offers bright black, this allows you to start a surge in the cost of this color. Where iPhone 7 purchase cost of $6188 -6988 yuan, iPhone 7Plus purchase cost of 7188 yuan -7988 yuan. Conscience is, bright black color iPhone 77 Plus and other color version of the official website price consistent. The way to buy Hong Kong, bright black iPhone 7 two versions priced at HK $6388 and HK $7188, the RMB exchange rate to about 5485 yuan and 6172 yuan; only two iPhone 7Plus version priced at HK $7388 and HK $8288, the RMB exchange rate to about 6344 yuan and 7117 yuan. The Hong Kong version compared to the national corresponding version is priced at about 1000 yuan cheaper.相关的主题文章: