Wanda "Fengyun" across the board help explore the tomb open beta in September 23rd Wanda holdings, mutual love and interactive launched large-scale 3D Palace of the Earth expedition war Mobile Games "exploring tomb situation" has logged on Apple’s App Store in September 23rd, the whole network will open beta blockbuster. Wanda film and television to mobilize the full range of resources to help promote the exploration of the tomb of the storm. The game also invited the "China suspense master" Cai Jun personally, architecture world outlook story. "The grave situation" 100 City Wanda Wanda studios power beta power, Ying beta "exploring distributed welfare situation" is the tomb of Wanda holdings and its wholly-owned subsidiary of the first interactive mutual love tour video linkage products, you will be in the country more than three hundred Wanda cinema, nearly 3000 theaters in Palace of the Earth in advance to feel the atmosphere. In order to meet the "situation" on the tomb of the beta, Wanda studios will be more in the beta phase line to distribute benefits, please look forward to. Open early exploration tomb tour, APP Store have been added to "explore the tomb situation" has landed APP Store, Apple users in advance open the tomb exploration trip to Palace of the Earth in search more mystery. A number of online activities are underway, cumulative landing available to massive game super practical props, high value of diamonds, who help ghoul to elevate the role of force, to meet the challenges in many organs of the Palace of the Earth. 8 days to send gold will force the value of the golden partner will accompany you to explore. APP Store has shelves, on line eighth, send pet "golden China suspense master" Cai Jun endorsement, construct the grand Palace of the Earth world "China suspense master" Cai Jun "to explore the tomb construction situation" world view, take you to explore the mystery of the tomb of Cao Cao. In the folk seventy-two genuine coffin statement is true? Anyang Gaoling why not open? Why are split into Ghoul Xunlong, gold, Feng Shui three schools? In the mysterious Palace of the Earth, waiting for you is a treasure or crisis? "The tomb" Chinese Fengyun "master of suspense" endorsement of family social VS million people in war, friends in "exploring the tomb of like-minded situation" in the interactive system more closely to form the family, the family is a social system in the game is most closely, a lot of family activities will bring considerable benefits to all members. The treasure in Palace of the Earth is limited, but the family involved in the tomb is increasing. The sheer size of the PVP Losers are always in the wrong., national war came into being. National war by the family chiefs declared war, the declaration of war in the required time to defeat the BOSS. Of course, the other members of the family is your real enemy. Explore the tomb of the storm, the national war opened on the tomb of the exploration of the tomb of the tomb of the storm is a subsidiary of Wanda film and Television Holdings, a subsidiary of mutual interaction of large 3DMMO Palace of the Earth adventure expedition hand travel. The game "invited China suspense master" Cai Jun endorsement, jointly build the world Palace of the Earth. Game player will start from three to the identity of the tomb of Cao Cao, Palace of the Earth’s tomb tomb deep exploration, a thrilling cliffhanger adventure. The tomb of Palace of the Earth, dragon, gold exploration, catch demon pet, reincarnation challenge dumplings, PK, in the ladder match…… A variety of gameplay to create a stunning world of suspense.相关的主题文章: