V7 nine Hall of the city Villa both comfort and appreciation in 2016, China officially entered the "capital times", pushed the hot property market, the villa became the new main family investment. In particular, the city Villa, because both comfort and value to become the first choice to buy. V7 nine Hall (real estate information) as the core area of the canal, Hot Springs Villa, with lots of scarce, product can not be copied, in Tongzhou in the first half of the sales crown, and highly recognized by the market of home buyers. 2016, in Europe, the devaluation of the renminbi, asset shortage and other factors under the influence of the villa has become a new channel of public investment, which also spawned a boom in the property market. Especially in the first-tier cities real estate, because of its irreplaceable value ability, become a high net worth families sought. Real estate, has not only meet the needs of living, and become the largest family wealth. According to DTZ DTZ survey of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four first-tier cities, since mid April, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first-tier cities selling prices, in the high-end villas, especially city Villa, accounting for 70% of turnover, sales rose 67%. High turnover brought villa into a high amount of. Expert analysis, the city Villa has sold, mainly is that, compared to the suburban villas mainly to meet the residential function, City villa in the meet with the perfect city traffic and life supporting system, at the same time, with the scarcity of resources and products of high comfort, the completion of the asset defensive value, more in line with the city elites from all not from the city life, because the highly sought after and recognized. As the core area of the canal Hot Springs Villa – V7 nine hall, is a representative of this city of villa. In the scarce areas, can not copy the product force, to become a symbol of identity status and the value of the assets to maintain the value of millions of millionaires and the pursuit of the credibility of the bar, causing concern in the market. For urban villas, the most important thing is the nature of resources and scarcity. V7 nine hall where the canal core area, has no land peatlands. As the core area only 70 years of property villa, enjoy the four big city park Wuhe interchange, nestled at the same time, there are around 100 billion Changan club, Beijing Shin Kong, rainbow door, Universal Studios and other landmark buildings around. Home buyers enjoy not only the top of the city’s convenient and natural resources, at the same time, or land more and more scarce, prices are more expensive in the future. In this sense, V7 nine hall can be described as a win-win investment and living, is also a hot pursuit of reason. From the product itself, V7 nine hall will also be the only opportunity for high-end buyers to enjoy the core area of the canal life. According to the understanding, V7 nine hall is the core area of the canal only a volume of nearly 1 of the products, so the market is difficult to plan spare neither labor nor money in duplicate. 420 square meters of panoramic villa do at the same time enjoy the vestibule, backyard, side garden, the sunken garden four yard villa, giving home and enjoy broad courtyard. By standing design, unique achievement of four-dimensional space 360 Cuoceng all lighting, giving more underground two floors and attic space, in the realization of maximum function at the same time, the villa to Villa rate reached 200%. 2500 meters deep hot springs directly 9相关的主题文章: