Legal The primary function of Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulations is to regulate the actions of professions, occupational groups, and businesses prescribed in the Florida Statutes. This is done to safeguard public health and welfare through these regulations. The funds of a trust collected in the form of fees and assessments through regulated activities, businesses, and professions go towards supporting the departmental activities. You can visit the official website of the department maintained by the department’s Office of Legislative Affairs. The website provides newsletters, which deal with legislative issues. If you need more information, look in the individual program profiles listed under ‘What does the department regulate?’ The department is established vide Section 20.165 of the Florida Statutes. The different state laws found in the related program profiles sanction the Department’s programs. Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco Regulation The main motive of the Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco division is to control the distribution of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products to consumers. The division also collects and deposits taxes and fees. Its aim is to ensure a safe, drug free environment and friendly hospitality industry for Florida residents and tourists. Florida businesses selling alcohol and tobacco products need a program license. Another chief responsibility of this division is to conduct criminal and administrative investigations. This helps the division enforce penalties for violations. It also conducts audits, inventories, and tax assessments. The program helps the local government by providing it with state resources to attend to alcoholic beverage and tobacco related concerns. Three bureaus exist to help the division ac.plish its purpose. These are The Bureau of Law Enforcement, The Bureau of Licensing, and the Bureau of Auditing. Various taxes are collected under these bureaus. These taxes include the Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax, Alcoholic Beverage Surcharge, Cigarette Excise Tax, and Other Tobacco Products Excise Tax. Hotel and Restaurant Regulation Protecting the health and safety of the public is the primary purpose of the Hotel and Restaurant Regulation program. This program runs inspections of public lodging and food service establishments and issues or revokes licenses. The program enforces the Florida Clean Air Act, under which smoking in workplaces and food service establishments is prohibited. Pari-Mutual Wagering Regulation This program ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the public, racing animals, and licensees. The program governs races and games to make sure they are run in a fair manner. This ensures the safety of the public and racing animals. The program also collects state revenue from these games and races. Florida Land Sales, Condominiums, and Mobile Homes Regulation The primary responsibility of this program is to regulate the creation, sale, and working of condominiums, cooperatives and timeshares. Regulation of Professions This program’s chief concern is the protection of Florida’s citizens and visitors. It ensures this by regulating industries and making sure non-medical professionals meet certain standards. The program also looks into child and farm labor initiatives to protect minors and workers in general from exploitation. Additional Help Several software packages are available online to guide you through the required regulations so that you can make a more informed decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: