The two trapped in the mountains of Qinling Mountains tour pal   more than 40 emergency rescue 6 hours – Shaanxi channel — original title: two tour pal trapped Qinling Mountains mountains more than 40 emergency rescue 6 hours "two people were trapped in the Qinling Mountains Valley, white stone into the mountains to play when the situation is unknown, rapid rescue!" In October 3rd 20, received this instruction, "Qinling Mountains rescue hero" — Changan branch Luan town police station Lv Xiaobin hurried to the side side contact area, professional outdoor rescue teams, three Bingfen road up the mountain to carry out rescue. Autumn night more than 8 o’clock, the night has been diffuse in the mountains of Qinling Mountains. According to some information only, the police and the thunder rescue team arranged team Bingfen three road, all the way up the hill from the Huang Yu Si Cun Artemisia Mizoguchi, a road from the village court Whitehead Road Meiyukou mountain, the mountain from Joe Huang Meiyukou village. Search until 23:50 PM, police found the people trapped in the West Valley a white stone ridge, the two have severe dehydration, one has no ability to walk. After the supplement of food and water, the police and rescue teammates to support the trapped Alice down to the mountains. The next morning at 2 o’clock, all the personnel arrived safely down the mountain. It is understood that the two men tour pal a 38 year old, a 36 year old, Baoji people are working in a company in Xi’an, while National Day off into the mountains to play, from the mountain road 210 Huang Yu Si Cun Artemisia Mizoguchi, near the palace Conghuan road in Cui Wei Yuan Cun Bai Shi Yu Kou mountain, because there is no go through the route, direction and line lead to errors in judgment, trapped in more than 1000 meters above sea level on a ridge. Reporters learned that the rescue, thunder rescue team and the local police station dispatched a total of more than 40 people, 10 vehicles, rescue costs at least 2000 yuan or more. Lv Xiaobin warned: "the scenery of Qinling Mountains is good, but in order to protect the personal safety, do not walk the path of mountaineering, avoid getting lost or injured after being unable to timely rescue. In front of the mountain, you must do your homework ahead of time, be familiar with the line, and preferably go with experienced travelers. To prepare for the water, light, food, adequate capabilities, to ensure smooth communication tools and a lot of electricity (preferably with charging treasure). At the same time, do not go unfamiliar lines, in order to avoid accidents." The reporter intern reporter Zhang Qingyue Yang Chao (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li) 俩驴友被困秦岭深山 40余人紧急搜救6小时–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:俩驴友被困秦岭深山 40余人紧急搜救6小时   “有两名群众在秦岭白石峪进山游玩时被困,情况不详,迅速救援!”10月3日20时许,接到这条指令后,“秦岭搜救英雄”――长安分局滦镇派出所民警吕小斌一边匆匆赶向景区,一边联系专业的户外救援队伍,兵分三路上山开展营救。   秋季的晚上8点多,夜色已在秦岭山里弥漫开来。根据仅有的一些信息,民警和雷霆救援队安排队员兵分三路,一路从黄峪寺村蒿沟口上山,一路从内苑村白石峪口上山,一路从乔村黄峪口上山。搜寻至23时50分许,民警在白石峪西边一道山梁上发现被困群众,此时两人均已严重脱水,其中一人已无行走能力。在补充了食物和水后,民警同搜救队友搀扶着被困驴友往山下转移。次日凌晨2时许,所有人员全部安全到达山下。   据了解,该两名男性驴友一位38岁,一位36岁,宝鸡人,均在西安某公司上班,趁国庆节放假进山游玩,从210国道黄峪寺村蒿沟口处上山,经翠微宫从环山路附近内苑村白石峪口下山,因没有走过该条路线,导致方向和线路判断错误,被困在海拔1000多米的山梁上。   记者了解到,这次救援,雷霆救援队及当地派出所民警一共出动40余人,10辆车,救援成本至少在2000元以上。吕小斌提醒:“秦岭景色虽好,但为了保障人身安全,登山切莫随意行走小路,避免迷路或受伤后无法及时施救。进山前一定要提前做足功课,熟悉线路,最好和有经验的驴友结伴而行。要准备好充足的水源、光源、食物,量力而行,确保通讯工具保持畅通并有充足电量(最好备有充电宝)。同时,不要走陌生线路,以免发生意外。”   本报记者晁阳实习记者张晴悦 (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: