Two bad surprise is suspected of deliberately pressure by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission intends to further tighten the high price products, and for the first time on the market of high insurance products guaranteed interest rate limit. The impact of the policy on Thursday, the stock index opened form runs down the gap below the important support of 3066. Of course, after many support "Warriors", such as brokerage and steel. Overall, the market sentiment is greater than the negative impact of the incident itself. From the intraday funds situation, the A shares sell quickly at the same time, Shanghai shares through the net inflow of nearly 2 hundred million, Shanghai shares through the net inflow is yesterday. Description of the sudden decline in foreign stocks for A is considered a short-term adjustment, without changing the trend. The view of the market and investment researcher pointed out that in August 25th the morning and agree without prior without previous consultation, investment products: the market in the golden point near 3060 effective support, there is no much downward retracement of space exploration can be low latency as follows. (subscription and investment investment strategy and investment outlook view) a brief summary of the overall investment environment in August, on September after the investment to do a brief analysis, the specific details refer to the excellent investment strategy in September. See the ups and downs of the index, understand the opportunities hidden in the market, you will have to invest in simple, but not reckless. Excellent investment products daily record shows: ACE and column – gold investment announcement today, good harvest! One venture software, Yongan pharmaceutical, Pacific three stocks rose on the day were: 10%, 10.02%, 5.68%!     Xingfa group, Chengxing shares recommended hot and investment of analytical column, intraday gains were 9.07%, 4.35%!     operation optimization of column in the investment pool recommended by BOSCH, two consecutive daily trading in the impressive, intraday trading today!     in addition, there are more opportunities to leverage the sound, popular demon column stocks magnitude, have good performance. Click to view the details of excellent investment, more hot concept stocks opportunity! (subscription and investment, more new perspective) and significant politics, financial information consulting daily news, in-depth analysis of macro economic and political events, a hot topic tracking industry, value of dynamic stock. Immediate, efficient and depth — investment decision-making the most essential, only for the most wise investors tailor! (PS: with focus on stocks, click on a key subscription!)    相关的主题文章: