College-University The top mba colleges in the India have always been distinguished for their approach and have attained a pristine importance because of the same. Management is no war but a game of Tennis.And why not, both need specific, very certain and special set of basic skills. And discipline remains the .mon factor in development and enhancement of these skills. While learning the game of tennis, one has to invest a big portion of time to increase and develop some of key tactics to improve both backhand and forehand. To attain this, an individual could opt for individual lessons, can go to group clinics, practice with ball machines and play tennis rigorously with mentor and friends. Gradually, a player would understand other things such as top spin stroke, how to serve better and faster, the learning curve while continuing the basic practice. Similarly, in business and management, there are some very special .mon skills to be learned.Yet, each trade of business will require an individual to have specific product knowledge or service knowledge to be acquired. Other than this, the top mba colleges in India also emphasizes on .munication,time management, .puter proficiency and teamwork which are believed to be other very important skills. Different industries have different special tools and equipment and therefore, basic knowledge of those tools and pieces of equipment needs to be learned. The top mba school in India has devised that understanding that business is very important; however, equally important is understanding approaches related to it such as types of orientation your line of business has, the basic skills, training and support needed. One must always know what type of approaches he/she is working on? Are the approaches specialized for on the job learning? You need to remain focused on the training factors in business just like any games you play. Know yourself and your resources, know if they have received adequate training for the job? Or is it on-going? Always try to bring up regular opportunities for yourself and people around you to increase your skill levels. Discipline factor is very crucial within your orientation and training.It is as important as learning any skill. Focused training, dedicated practice, Instruction, coaching, tweaking of techniques, measurements etc. are critical to enhance team and individual skills. Just like any other sports team, you must try to invest more time in practice typically before jumping into the on field game. Consider what could happen if in the time of decision making and business settings, you feel bamboozled! Its just like preparing a game plan and strategizing accordingly. A true and successful strategist is one who knows the game plan; the tactics of the game, the challenges, and practices regularly.So consider sports as management and management as sports!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: