UnCategorized Because of the Indian diaspora, many Indians left the subcontinent to seek greener pastures and better opportunities elsewhere. Now, second and third generation Indians have started to assimilate and lead their new .munities of residence in their chosen fields. There are two Indians that fit the bill that have be.e headline grabbers in the United States. These top Indians are the second term Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Soumitea Dutta, the new Dean of the Cornell University School of Business. Jindal is the very first Indian-American governor of a United States state. He won a second term after a landslide victory in the state’s latest open primary. The primary consisted of nine other possible candidates and Jindal garnered fifty percent of the vote. The returns saw eighty percent of reporting precincts and Jindal having two thirds of the vote. After this term, the Indian born Republican is expected to contend for the 2016 presidency. His parents were from Punjab and as he took his oath of office, he pledged to improve on the ac.plishments he made during his first term. He took his oath before Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Catherine Kimball. Another Indian is going to make a great mark on the future of the United States. Cornell University has recently appointed Soumitra Dutta as its newest Business School Dean. He is an alumnus of IIT-Delhi and was previously a professor of business and technology as well as the faculty director and founder of the New Media and Innovation Laboratory of INSEAD, located in France. He held the position for twenty years before being called up by one of the premiere educational institutions in the US. This is the first time that the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University would be hiring a dean from a school outside the United States as well as the first time that a business dean of a major Ivy League school would be of Indian descent. According to David Skortan, Cornell University President, the appointment is tailor fit for the school’s global focus. On the investiture, Skortan said that Dutta has the expertise in new and emerging media, has studied the conditions that promote innovation and extensive experience in the international stage. These qualities have prepared him well to oversee the education of the University’s next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Clearly Dutta and Jindal have shown how the Indian diaspora has created new leaders for their new countries of residence and fields of endeavor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: