To the National Day holiday and Korean medical beauty cosmetic push travel insurance fund project Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Last year, China has 100 thousand people to Korea Medical Beauty cosmetic "Hallyu" occasion of National Day holiday and travel insurance project – push medical beauty reporter Leng Cuihua took advantage of the upcoming National Day holiday, there are a lot of people choose to travel to Korea’s beauty and medical beauty. In fact, in recent years, Korea Medical Cosmetology China tourists are exhibited rapid growth, but at the same time, medical beauty disputes also continue to be exposed, in this regard, China and South Korea both sides hope to enhance the safety of medical beauty tourism in korea. Yesterday, the Chinese citizens to multinational cross-border tourism insurance project officially released the medical cosmetic plastic surgery hospital, will, travel agencies and insurance institutions into a system, in order to excavate the medical beauty tourism market in the insurance industry in reducing medical disputes and development opportunities. Last year, 100 thousand Chinese Korea medical beauty is the Chinese National Day holiday travel peak. In addition to ordinary tourism, there are a class of consumers choose to travel at the same time medical beauty. This trip is often high-end, customized features, but also the focus of the travel agency to expand the high-end tourism market. South Korean Ministry of health and welfare statistics show that in 2015 to medical foreigners reached 297 thousand, an increase of 11%, of which Chinese reached 100 thousand, ranked first. Insiders to the Securities Daily reporters, South Korea is from the legal, policy and other aspects to support the development of medical beauty industry. From an industrial perspective, foreign patients to go to Korea for medical treatment not only for their income, but also to bring the patient’s family tourism income, to create more job opportunities for South korea. Statistics show that in 2015 the medical treatment fee to foreigners for a total of 669 billion 400 million won (about 3 billion 690 million yuan), an increase of 20.2%. From a national point of view, the Chinese people spend the most. Chinese patients with a total of 217 billion 100 million won (about $1 billion 190 million). From the point of view of market of travel agency, Jiang Tai insurance broker chairman Shen Kaitao said that in recent years, with the tourism market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the traditional tourism products to Korea more low profit; at the same time, China citizens to medical cosmetology population increased year by year, huge market demand, the rapid development of Korea medical beauty market, the travel agency for differentiation, specialization and high-end business provides a new direction. However, in recent years, due to the illegal occupation of the market intermediary, cosmetic medical disputes, but also for the industry care-laden market chaos. In this context, the Busan municipal government, South Korea Wan Jiang Tai insurance broker Limited by Share Ltd jointly launched a set of medical cosmetology, tourism, security in one of the Chinese citizens to medical insurance products to build tourism beauty, medical beauty tourism rescue service system. The next step will be based on the beauty of the risk rate of medical beauty, travel and insurance is how to combine? theory相关的主题文章: