"Titan 2" God optimization mainstream graphics card perfect run EA two FPS this year is to shine, whether it is "battlefield 1" or "2" Titan won game player and media alike. In the game score statistics website, these two games average score of 90 points. Now the "Titan 2" has been officially launched, but the foreign media have brought us the game of the latest graphics test. "Titan 2" God GameGpu and optimize the current Russian media German media pcgameshardware brought us the latest "Titan 2" performance test. As before, the media are in the full effect of the game performance test, which uses the use of AMD driver Radeon Edition 16.10.3, and the use of Nvidia driver for GeForce 375.63. First look at the performance of the game under 1080P resolution performance: 1080P mainstream graphics card perfect run in the mainstream resolution of 1080P resolution, the current price of around $1500 AMD Radeon RX 470 can obtain the rate of 66 frames, can get the perfect gaming experience in the fierce battle. And "Titan" is different, "Titan 2" does not limit the frames, so Nvidia GTX 1080 can reach 108 frames, but AMD and Nvidia have introduced the corresponding SLI file, so multiple graphics in the game or not. 2K resolution requires GTX1070 to achieve 60 2K resolution, the frame rate of the game is required for a 60 R9 Fury graphics card, and now the price is the highest GTX + 1070. Of course, FPS game requires 60 frames before fluency, you want to play in the 2K resolution of high-end players need to reduce the effect of the. 4K resolution of 50 GTX1080 can be achieved at the end of the resolution is 4K, it looks like the performance of the GTX is not enough to use the 4K, the resolution is achieved at a rate of 50 frames, did not reach the perfect running line of 60 frames. From the above test we can see that the "Titan 2" optimization is quite good, the mainstream graphics on the market can run perfectly in under high. (source: 3DM editor: unhappy) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: