Three years of good deeds, not forget the early heart, thousands of travelers, gathered for the love of man! – public –     on the morning of September 10th, 2016 who are good at public fundraising activities of hiking in Beijing Juyongguan ceremony held at the Great Wall. Good Walker – foot + fundraising, three years of love for 2016 has been the successful holding of the good people of the past third years. This is a 4 person team to encourage everyone, and work together to overcome difficulties, unity and cooperation so as to complete the 50KM or 100KM on challenges, and to mobilize participants through social networks to raise funds, let the children in poor areas in Guizhou have a better life, learning environment. In three years, nearly 10000 people who are good at gathering station starting point at the Juyongguan the Great Wall. From 27 provinces, 79 cities, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan area and thousands of good deeds defying US Australia Canada, Singapore, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Sultan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malaysia, Britain, South Korea’s difficult to participate in the challenge, to support public welfare. Behind the success, is the public welfare hiking enthusiasm, Changping District people’s government support for public welfare activities, Chinese is the foundation for poverty alleviation innovation on the concept of public welfare, is the public recognition of public welfare. Multi joint participation, to create a good public Carnival Carnival, so that everyone can become a reality. Good deeds — happy feeling the charm of public this year who are good for hiking routes and activities to further optimize the perfect service team. Along the way through scenic areas, scenic spots, Hu Yu tomb Mangshan Tianchi scenic area, Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic area Kamiji famous scenic spot in Changping, the players in the landscape, close to nature, challenge themselves, feel the charm of public happiness. In 2016, Walker also invested more manpower and material resources in the activities of security and environmental protection. Increase environmental supervision team type, to assist in the maintenance of good deeds on the route of environmental health, and medical teams as supplementary medical forces, in addition, the site also added AED medical rescue, and equipped with a rescue team composed of ahongfu and blue rescue team rescue forces, at the same time, military medical units and nurses in Changping District armed police general hospital it will serve the players at each site, so that participants can safely enjoy the fun hiking challenge. 2016 Walker 50KM first rushed to the end of the team also came from the 1039 action, with only 7 hours and 21 minutes, breaking the record last year again! Walker — good temper before the trip, the beginning of the same heart raised by good person activities of the proceeds will be donated to the Guizhou mountain children. In 2015 2014, the two session of the 6 million 600 thousand who are good money, a total of 18329 children to love warm bag, let them in the cold winter in the warm down jacket, wearing a beautiful scarf gloves; build 55 love the kitchen, let more than 20 thousand poor mountain children every day to eat hot meals send 2835; love art bag, 430 bag of 785 pairs of shoes and love life, for the children to sow dream kind)相关的主题文章: