This year: I am 30 years old, the child is 3 years old, tears collapse! – [picture] maternal attention selection of Sohu, to obtain the wisdom of parenting! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number to jxhuiben. Attention: this year: I am 30 years old, the child is about 3 years old, I have a lot of friends around, there are many of my favorite recreational activities! I sometimes feel like I’m breaking the heart for this little guy! The child just kindergarten, looking at his little strong back, the heart of joy and a little sad. After a whole day’s departure, the child saw me running happily and threw herself into my arms and said, "Mom, I miss you."." At that moment, holding the child is like holding the whole world. And I’m the whole world! This year, I am 33 years old, the child is 6 years old in my work a lot of pressure, even the party have little time! Oh, really struggled in his good school problems, finally at ease. Finally, the children in primary school, this is a memorable thing. The first day back to school, at night to sleep, he told me: "from today, I want to suffer sixty years old!" his life opened a new chapter, but did not think of, this is the first step to leave our children. The children have become accustomed to being separated from me, and like to go to school every day. Sometimes, even said: "Mom, at home bored, no children to play with me." This year, I am 39 years old, the child is 9 years old when working for me, completely didn’t what to worry about at home, so I always want to spend more time with their children! Can the child on the junior high school, began boarding school, a month or a few months back home, in order to see the last time. They began to no longer rely on me, or even like to do with me. In their heads, "I have my life!" "I want to be independent!" I wanted to do something for them, and they said, "Mom, I’ll do it myself." Suddenly feel this sentence let us feel good lost, the child is no longer need us? This year: I am 45 years old, a child at the age of 18 what kind of breakthrough in the work for me is nothing! I would like to go home every day to hear the child said, "Mom, what to eat at night?" But I can wait until the weekend the child gave me a call to say: Mom, I spent money! Give me some more! But even so, I still hope that the child can often give me such a call. But at this time, the child left home to go to college, a year back two times. A few days back, the home of the refrigerator can not hold up, prepared a variety of things he likes to eat. But a back face, was busy with my classmates and my friends went to the party. Since then, I was most afraid to hear a word: "Mom, I do not go home to eat, you eat it." This year: I am 51 years old, when the child is at the age of 24, I do not have so much work, and friends for a variety of reasons less and less, I have to find a way to kill.相关的主题文章: