They change over Taiwan, 28 am in the morning to Huian to the Zhaoan area landing according to the Fujian meteorological network news, the Fujian provincial meteorological station 5:18 on September 27th issued a typhoon orange signal warning signal change. The seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish", today 6 center from Taiwan city in Hualian Province, 255 kilometers, the largest wind 16 (super typhoon class). Expected, "catfish" moving to the west northwest at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the strength to maintain or slightly strengthened. 27 noon landing in central Taiwan, will be on the morning of 28 am to Zhaoan in the morning to the coast of Huian. Coastal gale: it is expected today, the southern coast of Zhangzhou to the north of Ningde 10 ~ 12 gust of wind from 13 to 14, other coastal wind gusts of 7 ~ 10 ~ 11. Onshore wind: on the morning of 27, the central and northern coastal areas of wind gusts of 9 to 11; 27 PM, Fuzhou, Pingtan, Putian and Quanzhou four City (District) gust 10 ~ 13, the other coastal areas gusts to 9 ~ 11 grade. Warning tips: seaside operators pay attention to safety, close the coastal scenic spots. "Catfish" that landed in Huian to the Zhaoan area of Fuzhou will have heavy rain and strong winds 10~13 Strait news network September 27th (reporter Xia Yuqing Haidu       Liu Shiquan; Wang Lin   Zhu Liping   Zhao Yang correspondent     Zheng Bin) the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" to strengthen the strong typhoon level (yesterday grade 14), and into the 24 hours of the warning area. Is expected to "catfish" will be the speed of north west direction 20 kilometers per hour to move, the strength to continue to strengthen, the strongest typhoon intensity level up to a super typhoon level (15~16 level); 27 noon, landing in central and southern Taiwan (14~15), 28 am in the morning to Huian to Zhaoan coastal landing again, strength as a strong tropical storm level to typhoon level (level 11~12). "Catfish" will give our province the storm caused severe impact. Sheng Fangzhi yesterday started the anti typhoon III level emergency response. Fuzhou next to makeup is closed by rumors of "catfish" influence, Fuzhou City Education Bureau 26 evening issued a notice requiring the city’s various schools, training institutions for 27 days and 28 days for two days. The school and the social practice base to stop all outdoor activities, a boarding school should be properly relocated all the teachers and students, to ensure the safety of students and teachers. Notice issued soon, it was circulated on the Internet in October 6th 7, two days, schools need to make the message. In this regard, the reporter to the Fuzhou Municipal Education Bureau learned that the confirmation, the message is false, there is no National Day holiday makeup arrangement. In addition, in September 27 – 29 days, the city of Quanzhou all colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens and various training classes. In order to reduce the impact of the typhoon, the Nanchang Railway Bureau will be suspended from 27 to 28, through the hang deep line running the train ticket of the 78. In addition, FuZhou Railway Station 27 to 28 also outage on the train 33. Flights to and from Xiamen, Quanzhou and Fuzhou will also be part of the.相关的主题文章: