There is a cold, is that your mother feel cold. How cold the baby dress? Sohu maternal photo from the network autumn weather is like the roller coaster ride, for a while before a rain hit, the weather suddenly. When the morning to send Dabao school had to wear winter clothes was not so poor, small treasure is at home can not go out. Perhaps the weather is cool, the days of two treasure sleep special sureness, every morning, afternoon, evening sleep sleep sleep, waking hours apart from the middle, in a sweet sleep. This national day a few days the temperature suddenly high up, go out wearing shorts and skirts no problem, at noon will be sweating. This does not, the two day in the park baby party, but all kinds of clothes for children: some baby wear cotton clothes clip climb, some baby is still short T jumpsuit…… Mothers also walk beside the change of the weather: all sorts of gossip too fast, baby dressing and undressing are difficult. Then have the facts and truth: those who think two days before the hot, undressed, knot jelly today some cold have a fever; and those who wore yesterday a little baby, full forehead sweat, always uncomfortable crying. Finally ask again and again: you say you say, this kid’s clothes, wear, or take off? Yes, there used to be a popular saying: there is a kind of cold, is that your mother think you are cold; there is a kind of heat, is that your mother feel hot…… Really so? In fact, my mother’s heart with the temperature is not stable, it is also volatile, if the baby wear more heat, clutching clutching his angry; and if the baby wear little cold, cold cold is cold. World poor parental love is the everlasting truth. Pictures from the network in fact, for the baby to choose the right clothes is really not an easy thing, but according to the baby’s growth characteristics or according to the law. The so-called "[] is the mother will continue" "job" as a think autumn need not be so anxious to give their children more clothes, wearing is a good thing, after all, to hope for peace, three of hunger and cold". Children’s sweat gland secretion is very strong, children like to move. So the clothes less, suitable for children and active metabolism characteristics, it will freeze the child, he can also make the cold reduced risk of colds. On the contrary, clothes, children sweating, loss of body fluid will not only make the pores, often in the open state, vulnerable to cold invasion, more easy to catch a cold. This approach is good, but also to take into account the baby’s constitution will be worse than adults, in the autumn freeze this matter, the mother must first learn to observe your child’s body rather than let the children freeze a cold. May wish to adhere to a basic principle of dress: when the baby is a little less than an adult clothes, cool baby clothes more than adults. Because the baby is more than adult physique is warm, this is also the Chinese speaking of the so-called "pure constitution" of heat tolerance than adults. [have magic, to understand the children want to know whether the baby needs] hot and cold is cold or hot just comfortable, mothers can develop "one finger"!相关的主题文章: