The woman helped the old man fell to Wanghong into being sarcastic provoke pose (Figure) – questioned Beijing – News Propaganda Department Director Lu Yu good woman rescue the old man fell, took a series of photos. Photo by Chen Weihong yesterday is the 99 Double Ninth Festival, old man once again raised the topic of social concern. The morning of October 8th, in Baoding County of Wangdu train station near the square, a more than and 70 year old cerebral infarction old man riding a tricycle accidentally fell, a local female netizen "baby Xiangxiang" was just passing to aid Wangdu County Propaganda Department news director Chen Weihong filmed the whole process. Chen Weihong, this group of photos uploaded to the Internet caused the intense controversy, some friends for the woman to praise, some netizens questioned the photographs taken, some netizens attack "to Wanghong like crazy and make women feel. Reporter Shi Yingjie – the old man fell in kind couple photos transferred network help the elderly woman in October 8th, WeChat public "Xin view" published an article illustrated article "the old man fell to rescue repair after cerebral infarction beauty away". Article said, in early October 8th 6 pm, Baoding city Wangdu County train station near the square, a man suffering from cerebral infarction in the process of riding a tricycle to fall. Coincidentally, a pair of lovers through here do not hesitate to help the elderly. It is understood that the rescue of the elderly who intend to go to the local hospital in the morning to visit the patient, and with the patient about the time. After the fall of the old street propped the elderly, taking into account the old old, worry about other symptoms, the boy in the account of the case after leaving his girlfriend to continue assistance for the elderly, and the elderly to observe the situation. I saw the woman hands helped the old man, the old man asked the situation from time to time. The text of the network has 8 high definition photos, the whole process of the woman to save the elderly. These photos will help the old man on the bus, for the old woman tricycle drop chain installation scene eleven reduction in the picture of love women’s long hair, dressed in. High resolution photos cited controversy: to do good or show? I was the day to upload this good thing to the ‘horizons’ release platform, originally intended to promote positive energy, did not expect a small number of users are still entangled in the woman is’ false help’." Yesterday morning, the author of the network text Chen Weihong interview with reporters some frustration. This article quickly sparked fierce debate among netizens, as of yesterday afternoon, the comment has nearly ten thousand. Netizen "smart man is not required to name": "just start to take the tail, just close to take. Look at the old man’s face, you know, (this beauty) think red crazy." Netizen Zhang tailiu ":" be careful after the praise of her friends, vigilance is not enough, easily deceived! Obviously put the film ah!" Netizen "recall" said wryly: "I finally found you’ll have to visit the heroine, oh, for I will own photographic equipment, are you ready?" The "Tianya" said: "what good is the show? What psychological ah?" Jilin Changchun netizen "Maria Tung" said: "the children, do not represent the views of social commentary, just don’t have the burden of curry favour by claptrap, a good thing to do, okay? Comment is given to.相关的主题文章: