The woman driving lane is at five year woman driving security huff slapped by security at Lane "the driver", had slapped five year security. September 18th, in the people’s Road police station mediation, the woman took the security of 300 yuan medical expenses. September 18th 13 am, the people’s Road police station received a report, said a woman near the Shiyan Railway Station hit. Police on duty immediately rushed to the scene, the person involved in the 32 year old woman Sohn and a yellow man of the age of 52 back to the inside. After understanding, 12 pm the same day, Sohn driving a red car to the Security Minister Huang district offices, because the district road is narrow and winding, Sohn driving Co., fear they parked next to the road in front of the motorcycle, and not to bend too quickly, put the car parked on the road in between. District security Hwang to see someone parked in the middle of the road, quickly rushed over the command of the car parked in the parking spaces. Sohn ignored, would like to go to work, Huang was arrested. A sun then Hwang cried: "I can’t drive, card here can’t move, so I do leave." "Not good is so arrogant, the driver was not general!" Huang looked at the sun goo talking over, this completely ignited the sun’s anger, she shouted "how the driver", while Huang played in the past to wield a slap in the face. Be caught off guard Hwang, the other is the grandson of a slap a solid. By playing Meng Huang immediately to the police. After the people’s Road police station to preach the law, Sohn admitted that he hit the wrong, take the initiative to go to the hospital with a yellow check, and bear the cost of 300 yuan inspection. Huang also own to Sohn offend by rude remarks. Video shot man driving lane brother beaten scan code "questioning anti Chu Shiyan", see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: