The whole demand report: stock index rose continued to expand the industry sector across the board in the card network news (reporter Ge Chunhui) today is the first trading day of November, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city early morning higher concussion, closed up slightly. In the afternoon, the two cities continued to rise moderately in early trading, and the stock index continued to expand. On the surface, the overall market atmosphere warmer, the industry index without a fall, the concept of plate most rise. As of 14:00, the Shanghai composite index reported 3115.78 points, up 0.49%; Shenzhen stock index reported 10770 points, up 0.61%; gem index reported 2170.14 points, up 0.48%. Industry sector, CITIC industry index Piaohong line. Among them, building materials, real estate, animal husbandry and fishery, household appliances, machinery, electronic components and other gainers, transportation, defense industry, petroleum and petrochemical, banking, communications, such as steel or relatively backward. In terms of concept plates, most of the WIND concept index rises. Among them, the transfer of equity, time shares, garden decoration, high iron, horse racing, wind power and other concepts gainers; network lottery, occupation education, broadband speed, carrier and a few plates fell slightly. The external market, the stock market in the Asia Pacific warm shock today. Wind information data showed that as of press time, the Nikkei 225 index was basically flat, the Korea composite index fell 0.18%, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index rose 1.25%. Jufeng investment adviser believes that the stock index to break 3100 points after 6 consecutive days into adjustment, rebound test results. At present, the 20 day moving average is about to resonate with the annual line, which forms a strong support for the stock index. The end of three quarterly report, the market will seek new mainline, Shenzhen Hong Kong opened soon, the market shocks upward pattern is not changed. But the capital stock of the game, the market trend is still difficult to start, we recommend investors to properly control the position, mainly sell high. Operation, continue to pay close attention to the background of state-owned assets shell, securities companies and the recent hot stocks again opportunity to rise.

整点播报:股指涨幅持续扩大 行业板块全线飘红 中证网讯(记者 葛春晖) 今天是11月份首个交易日,沪深两市早盘震荡走高,上午小幅收涨。午后,两市延续早盘温和回升势头,股指涨幅持续扩大。盘面上,市场气氛整体偏暖,行业指数无一下跌,概念板块多数上涨。 截至14:00,上证综指报3115.78点,涨0.49%;深证成指报10770.00点,涨0.61%;创业板指报2170.14点,涨0.48%。 行业板块方面,中信一级行业指数全线飘红。其中,建材、房地产、农林牧渔、家电、机械、电子元器件等涨幅居前,交通运输、国防军工、石油石化、银行、通信、钢铁等涨幅相对落后。 概念板块方面,WIND概念指数绝大多数上涨。其中,股权转让、次新股、装饰园林、高铁、赛马、风力发电等概念涨幅居前;网络彩票、职业教育、宽带提速、航母等少数板块小幅下跌。 外围市场方面,今日亚太股市偏暖震荡。Wind资讯数据显示,截至发稿,日经225指数基本持平,韩国综合指数跌0.18%,香港恒生指数涨1.25%。 巨丰投顾认为,沪指突破3100点后,连续6日陷入调整,检验反弹成果。目前20日均线即将与年线交汇产生共振,对股指形成强有力的支撑。三季报披露结束,市场将寻求新的主线,深港通开通在即,大盘震荡向上的格局不改。但存量资金博弈下,趋势性行情仍难以启动,建议投资者适当控制仓位,高抛低吸为主。操作上,继续关注国资背景的壳资源股、券商以及近期热门股的再次抬头机会。相关的主题文章: