UnCategorized Weddings are a fabulous reflection of a happy couple’s personal tastes. From low-key ceremonies in registry offices to grand affairs in spectacular churches; sprawling meringue style wedding gowns to slinky subtle numbers and local musical DJ’s to the ensemble of violins, viola and cellos in a string quartet. Every little detail of a wedding reflects a person’s own style and the choice of wedding car is no exception. For those planning a traditional celebration, there is no better option than vintage wedding car hire. Your wedding car isn’t just a way to get to the church. Having your photograph taken next to and inside your wedding car will form the first pictures in your wedding album, so you want them to be impressive. Arriving at the church is also likely to be the first time most of the guests see the bride and groom therefore you want your entrance to be memorable. You can spend so many months, even years preparing for the big day and planning every detail. There’s no reason why the small favours carefully placed next to each of the guests wine glasses should be given more consideration than the vehicle you arrive and depart from your wedding in. Once the ceremony is over, your wedding car is also likely to be transporting you, as man and wife, to your wedding reception, an ideal photo opportunity for guests to get first snaps of the happy couple. Vintage wedding car hire allows this moment to be as spectacular and memorable as it deserves to be. Where many cars built today are practical and reliable, cars built in the early 1900’s were built to be beautiful, oozing style and character. Unlike today where every man and his dog own a car, car ownership in the 1900’s was a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. Those who could afford a car could be more demanding about what they wanted from their motor and therefore cars were more personalised to individual tastes. As part of their grandeur design, they were built to provide plenty of space, to cater for the spectacular outfits their passengers were adorning. This is a key consideration when choosing you wedding car; you need to be sure both yourself and your wedding dress will .fortably sit inside. Vintage wedding cars were built for .fort and therefore will provide enough space for the bride and her father or the groom and his best man. Vintage wedding car hire offers a memorable experience of being chauffer driven in a luxurious cabin, to the deep purring of a vintage motor. Awe-inspired glances of passerby’s watch you chug past in your 1930’s Austin Laundelette or 1937 Rolls Royce Limousine, as you make your way to the happiest day of your life. What could be more perfect? Featuring lots of highly polished chrome and brass highlighting fine details, vintage cars are oozing with style, guaranteed to attract admiration. And who doesn’t want to be noticed on their wedding day? Even the most modest of us, will allow ourselves to adore the attention we receive on our wedding day. Perhaps the only concern that people have about vintage wedding car hire .es down to their age. Old cars can often bring old problems and concerns about the cars mechanics, however this is unwarranted. Cars built in the early 1900’s were built using basic mechanics, with no frills and therefore designed to last. The running parts of the cars are relatively straightforward to maintain and subsequently a lot more reliable than people realise. As long as you book your vintage wedding car hire with an authentic, reputable .pany, you shouldn’t have any cause for concern. Ask to go for a test run before hand and find out what their policy is, should the car breakdown. Reputable .panies will be on hand with replacements so you don’t have to be anything more than fashionably late. While modern cars may be able to offer a few more modern day frills, they won’t provide you with the character and style of vintage cars. Effortlessly chic, vintage wedding car hire is the perfect addition to any style wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: