The subversion of cognitive first "chaos" spoof of the game’s new open from the earliest "Nintendo stars" to the upcoming "battle" greatly, all to the game has always been a popular feeling works, the series in the popular role was placed in the same time through the dimension of war is very exciting, which led to the whole field of input energy to the game many game player. All games usually include all star roles, multi-dimensional war, characteristics of cross IP audience. If the battle is the focus of the development of the eternal scuffle scuffle game has formed a pattern, since the FC game times will have all elements, such as under the "youyoubaishu" in support of four battle mode, game player can choose 2V2 for the war, can also choose four battle mode. In combat combination appeared on the prototype of melee games. Until "Nintendo stars" is the real meaning of the cross series mode to finalize the scuffle. And after the emergence of MUGEN will once again to quell the melee game jiangshan. A label after the emergence of the "SONY stars" and other works is based on members of derivatives, the game characteristics of the foundation of the stretch so far. All the derived type huge span style change game scuffle in the era of the FC has a brain hole elements, or in order to attract fans as a means to an end. Until the PC games and Mobile Games in coexistence today, before the official promotion into elements from all types of. "All of West" "cos," chaos game style also emerge in an endless stream, each one has its own merits. But the basic elements of the scuffle did not change, is still the old game. When all change has entered a relatively limited degree, may be required is to add more elements, and then into the extended based on the three characteristics, characteristics of each do quantitative promotion, may gain more surprises. Greatly Fuzion spoof Macross war upgrade scuffle unchanged with Mobile Games "greatly" the same with the previous Fuzion melee game, a large number of generals gathered by the same time with the combat. But the difference is that the protagonist comes from the modern, perfect to become a substitute player. Dozens of generals will be game player call through to the future, follow the game player to fight together. All kinds of wonderful weapons, funny image so that the spoof upgrade again. "Big" to subvert the Fuzion game player game scuffle cognition, also subvert China historical figures for game player recognition. A spoof of the same character is not the same style, at the same time this also invited domestic spoof king as image Dapeng endorsement, entertainment index full of fun funny game in the "big fight" Fuzion, please look forward to the imminent listing.相关的主题文章: