Sales-Management A recent blog here at Cerulean focused on ‘introverts’ and ‘extroverts’ and how these different personality types express themselves in the workplace, which made us think… well, why not go into a bit more detail on their different strengths? As we mentioned in the previous blog, both ‘types’ of person have definite value in your office – you just need to properly understand them to get the best out of them. Let’s start with extroverts. These are the people who are thought to make up most of the workforce, and they’re especially great in group projects, always having something to say to keep the conversation and ideas flowing. They’re the people who can seem a little scatterbrained at times (apologies to any extroverts out there!), but who brings bags of visible energy to the office and are great with people. Extroverts’ social nature makes them really effective in teams, and in any other setting where information needs to be relayed in person. They’re the staff to send to trade shows and networking events, where you can expect them to talk up a storm and rack up loads of new, lucrative contacts. They’re also the staff members most likely to successfully persuade a disgruntled customer to stay with your .pany, rather than go to a rival. So, that’s extroverts – what about introverts? These types are easy to spot – they’re the quiet ones in the corner, quietly getting on with their work or intently listening in a group conversation as an extrovert has their say. But don’t presume that this means they don’t have much to contribute – they will consider their own point of view and when they are ready to speak, often have very thoughtful opinions and balanced perspectives to share. Introverts can easily feel that their introversion is a disadvantage in the workplace, especially when they .pare themselves to their charming, socially-at-ease extrovert colleagues. However, they’re also more likely than extroverts to prepare thoroughly for meetings and preparations, instead of simply ‘winging it’. They also often express themselves well in writing rather than in speech, and tend to .work via the Inter. and social media rather than by working a conference room. In short – whether you have an extrovert or introvert worker on your hands, they are a potential gem! Encourage your workers to play to their personality strengths – whatever they are – and you can get so much more out of them. Through the likes of our business breakfasts and one to one coaching , we can also help in this here at Cerulean, ensuring that you and your workers are both happier and more productive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: