The second St Paul China Film Festival held in Brazil – Hubei Channel – scan two-dimensional code to see more content in St Paul on 29 September,     (reporter Hou Lulu) the evening of September 28th, the second session of the St Paul China Film Festival opened in Brazil city of St Paul cultural center. This film exhibition is jointly held by the Confucius Institute of UNESP and the St Paul Municipal Bureau of culture, in order to better display contemporary China and spread Chinese culture. This film will show in the period from September 28 to October 12th 12 Chinese brought contemporary film for the Brazil audience, the opening film for Chinese famous director Xie Fei filmed "black horse". With the increasingly close exchanges between China and Pakistan, the need for mutual understanding between the two countries is becoming more and more apparent. We expect the film festival the cultural exchange platform, open the door to the China door, to the people of Brazil to show a true and full of vigor Chinese." Cai Lei, President of Confucius Institute, UNESP, said. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 21 Edition) (read: Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 第二届“圣保罗中国电影节”在巴西举行–湖北频道–人民网   扫描二维码  看更多内容  本报圣保罗9月29日电  (记者侯露露)9月28日晚,第二届“圣保罗中国电影节”在巴西圣保罗市文化中心开幕。本次电影展由圣保罗州立大学孔子学院与圣保罗市文化局联合举办,旨在更好地展示当代中国、传播中国文化。  本次电影展将在9月28至10月12日期间为巴西观众带来12部中国当代影片,开幕影片为中国著名导演谢飞拍摄的《黑骏马》。  “随着中巴两国的交流日益密切,两国之间增进了解的必要性愈发显现。我们期望利用电影节这个文化交流平台,打开一扇通往中国的大门,向巴西民众展现一个真实的、充满活力的中国。”圣保罗州立大学孔子学院中方院长蔡蕾说。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月30日 21 版) 延伸阅读 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: