UnCategorized It’s sack race time, all of a sudden. Premier League managers know that their jobs are on the line, and the managerial merry-go-round is set to kick off with at least two managers on the verge. In this article, I’ll look at which managers are most likely to go, and why – and there are some surprises! Steve Kean – Blackburn The fans want him out, to such a point that other managers are calling their behaviour "disgusting". It is, in fact, disgusting. Steve Kean, while not a great manager, is still a human being, and his treatment by Blackburn fans is nothing short of awful. His tenure really should – and probably will – be put to an end soon by Blackburn’s Indian bosses. They’ve seen enough, and with Blackburn rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, Kean has been exposed as inflexible and tactically inept. He’s deservedly the favourite to be sacked first. Owen Coyle – Bolton Here’s a man whose star has waned considerably over the last 6 months. A rising star with Burnley, he showed ambition by leaving the promoted side for an established Premier League side in Bolton. However, with several significant departures from his side, including the on-loan Daniel Sturridge, Coyle has struggled to match last year’s form. In fact, Bolton have been so poor that they just can’t stop conceding goals. They’re blessed with a relatively patient chairman, who understands the value of a good manager over the long-term. But such poor performances, and consistently so, will probably put a quick end to his tenure. David Moyes – Everton The question here is – when will he walk? Recognised around the Premier League as the man who has kept Everton in business while his chairman fiddles, David Moyes has worked wonders. But Evertonians have regularly asked the question whether in fact he could have done better. Negative tactics, one man up front at home against promoted sides, stars left on the bench while the likes of Tony Hibbert continue to get in the side… questions are being asked. He is unlikely to be sacked, but with other jobs .ing up, he is more likely to walk unless Everton get taken over. Mick McCarthy – Wolves His continued employment is a mystery to many. A yo-yo manager, his reputation rests upon promotions, not relegations. However, having kept Wolves up last year, he was given a stay of execution, yet while other managers continue to work wonders with relatively little money, Wolves remain in the bottom five. Why is this so? Why are Wolves continuing to use players like Ge.e Elokobi, clearly not a Premier League footballer? Mick McCarthy could be one of the first to go, as their faith in him has clearly not been repaid. Alex McLeish – Aston Villa Big Eck came from Birmingham in a cloud of controversy. He’s a sign of the times for Aston Villa – a sign that they have scaled back their ambitions and decided to stick with Fulham-esque mid-table survival forever. It’s a shame, really, because they could have had so much more. All of that probably means that McLeish will survive, but the ire reserved for him by the fans may sway the chairman into bringing in someone more popular. Houllier failed spectacularly last season so the Villa fans have every right to be disappointed with McLeish. So what do you think? How will get the sack first? Or is there someone I haven’t mentioned? Andre Villas-Boas for example, or maybe even Arsene Wenger? Whoever gets the sack will walk away a rich man, and could even walk into another job quickly if there are enough sackings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: