"The official website of youth addiction"’s Yang Yongxin hospital by black Yang Yongxin, caused a huge controversy because the use of shock therapy to treat Internet addiction and juvenile, but after years of exposure, the Shandong Fourth People’s Hospital of Linyi still insist on this treatment. Today, the official website of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Linyi was hacked, and was left a message: "Yang Yongxin I fuck × ×. Open your own web site, be scared? Didn’t dare to open it? I was the network hidden juvenile, call me ah? Aren’t you very much? By: Internet addiction juvenile to save "screenshots of many netizens have praised, and some even said the hacker is" the heroes of the people". Post Bar screenshot Yang Yongxin is vice president of Linyi Fourth People’s Hospital, director of the Linyi Internet addiction treatment center, known as the "national quit addiction experts". In January 2006, Fourth People’s Hospital of Linyi City, established by he served as director of the "Internet addiction treatment center", the 7 episode television documentary "2008 broadcast by CCTV and become a" magic battle in the minds of parents of the Messiah, but click on the treatment of addiction has also been a lot of people think that is all the spirit of brainwashing "patient" the network, called the ring center camp in the new era "". At the same time, game player reacted strongly, even for its satire. Common network call the "sheep beast" and "sheep uncle", "shock madman Yang Yongxin", "Yang Yongxin Tesla troopers" and "thunder shaman Yang Yongxin", "one hundred thousand volts Yang Yongxin" etc.. Since 2009 the media gradually fade out the vision, but in August 2016, a more than one hundred thousand of the amount of reading articles will spread in a circle of friends, a few years ago to "shock therapy" quit addiction by the media attention Yang Yongxin back into the public eye.相关的主题文章: