The new semester in Shanghai primary school full implementation of the "other" evaluation scores – Beijing desalination on 25 August, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai (reporter Chou Yi) desalination points regardless, no culture "brush Title machine", the 25 reporters learned from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai will fully implement the new semester of primary school "the system" evaluation. Desalination scores, with A, B, C, D or "excellent" and "good" "qualified" and "work" to evaluate. It is reported that the Shanghai city primary school subjects "and" evaluation from "interest in learning" and "learning habits" and "academic achievement" in three dimensions, among them, the language discipline evaluation includes "listening and speaking" and "reading" and "expression" three aspects of mathematics evaluation includes "number and operation" equation and Algebra "graphics and geometry" data "statistics and probability" four aspects of English subject evaluation includes "speech" and "vocabulary" and "lexical" syntax "and" Discourse "in five aspects. Evaluation is the education reform in the "bones", a long time, China’s use of student evaluation is the traditional paper pencil test and percentile evaluation. With the deepening of the comprehensive reform of education and the concern of the students’ comprehensive quality, people have realized the limitations and drawbacks of the traditional evaluation methods. As a breakthrough in the evaluation of basic education reform, Shanghai from 2013 onwards in the primary school grade one or two implementation based on curriculum standard "and" evaluation, without a written exam, do not score evaluation, not ranking etc.. The new semester, Shanghai city will "and" evaluation extends from the low years of primary school to higher grades. Since 2015, Teaching Research Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission led the development of primary school in higher grades Chinese Maths English three subjects based on the curriculum standards evaluation guidelines, and the primary school period of low morality and society, nature, music, art, sports and fitness of the five subjects on the basis of curriculum standards evaluation guide. The day before, guidelines have been issued and distributed to all districts and schools, and promote the work of training is being carried out in an orderly. Shanghai city primary school "and" distinctive characteristics: one is to evaluate the various disciplines of primary and secondary school curriculum standards as the basis, embodies the basic requirements of different grade students in knowledge and skill, process and method, emotion attitude and values and so on; the two is from the "heavy fraction" to "literacy", attention to academic level at the same time, pay attention to the cultivation of students’ interest in learning and good habits; three is the emphasis on integrating evaluation in the teaching process, pay attention to "learning evaluation development"; four is the "partial evaluation" "grade + comments" way to play the evaluation on students’ learning diagnosis and improvement effect. Teaching Research Office of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission deputy director Tan Yibin said, "and" the evaluation is not divide the children into various grades and ranks, is not simply the pen and paper test scores were converted to grade, but the realization of teaching, learning and assessing the consistency, the outstanding evaluation for student learning promotion. In addition to paper and pencil test, students’ daily homework, classroom performance and so on are included in the evaluation.相关的主题文章: