The new demo experience innovation is basic literacy [Dachang Sina game original unauthorized reprint] believe that Ubisoft games to accompany you game player has been a long time, EA and Activision every year if not several Ubisoft game, it is not complete a year. From the "Assassin’s Creed" to "cry", from the "watchdog" to "all blockade", from "Splinter Cell" to "Rainbow 6" siege, Ubisoft has brought us many impressive works of love and hate. In recent years several high-profile work suffered reputation Waterloo, also made a lot of game player questioned Ubisoft produced, but in the era of rapid change of product innovation, out of defeat is to survive. Ubisoft Shanghai tour demo in the next six months to release the Ubisoft game, a sequel to "series 2" watchdog "ghost action wilderness" new IP, "glory" spirit "limit" can be said that the peak, let the game player had no small expectations, is the so-called "I love you hurt" but in the end, but not. This is an honor to represent Sina games in Ubisoft Shanghai organizing media demo game player, as fans feel like little brother many years after seeing the idol, some small excited, but not as a "blow black impartial" game media, or to bring the real game experience for everyone. The first heavyweight masterpiece nature is coming in the sale this month 15, "2" watchdog, I also in this demo key want to experience. In front of the players in the word of mouth is not very good, shrink, poor optimization, bad driving feeling is very bad experience, but objectively speaking, the watchdog can be said on a far-reaching work. Different from the "GTA" series of violent crime rough direct, "watchdog" more emphasis is on high intelligent crime, plus with Snowden prism and other public privacy issues, the game will be game player to a realistic level. "Watchdog 2" in addition to inherited before the hacker wind and high IQ crime, but also made a lot of changes and improvements. "Watchdog 2" in the "GTA5" to the players to bring a new experience is the most obvious style change. A Eden Pierce style Kudachoushen gloomy, the two generation is put on the cloak of hip hop. Can be seen on the streets of the figure, graffiti painting, talking tone has obvious Hippop wind, more youthful vitality. Can not say that this change is good or bad, depending on whether the players like it or not, but also to be released after the game players to judge. The only thing I tangled is a "watchdog" 2 also very occasional use of black for the black protagonist, the protagonist of the game on a result, how everybody understands, we only hope that history will not repeat. The work came to San Francisco, the city changed the style of the black protagonist hip-hop style is obvious, the main tone of the young to talk about the following concern about the car driving problem. The two generation of the production group invited a hurricane series producer to re create the driving system, the natural than the generation of paper box has been fundamentally improved, but also the preliminary experience after feeling is better than "GTA5" driving feeling. Many of the street scenes can be destroyed, the collision effect.相关的主题文章: