The network ordering frequency fraud: fuzzy documents, "ghost restaurant" phenomenon – Beijing this year, the country and more on the network ordering platform to carry out inspections and special rectification. October 1st implementation of the network food safety violations approach, and the new food safety law, the parties to the network of food trading liability and obligations of the law has been strictly defined. But the reporter in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places under investigation, the survey found that some businesses with fuzzy method to license the handwriting, "ghost restaurant", super wide operation frequency. According to Xinhua news agency, under the new regulations under the business license fraud retrofit reporter login in the mainstream network ordering platform and field visits found that the new regulations, some businesses to retrofit the fraud trick to evade supervision. To store pictures instead of license. On the platform, that is located in Shanghai City, Xuhui District Jianguo Road No. 641, Nanjing Museum dumplings spicy ", Beijing City, Xicheng District Xuanwumen near the" full fragrance restaurant ", Changchunjie 30-3," that small pavilion, William bridge alley No. 6 "food is the guest and other shops in the business details there is no public license, some only with 3 restaurants and real photos. Fuzzy documents deceive consumers. On the platform, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have some public and businesses operating license real meal households, but can only be seen with a low resolution small photos, unable to click to enlarge. Reporters saw a businessman named Mr. beard, the publicity of individual industrial and commercial business license and food business license can not see the full text, and can not be enlarged access. The merchant’s registered address for the Beijing city Xicheng District river three lane 10, according to the reporter, the address field visits found that the address is not in the restaurant business. According to the user’s comments and pictures, the reporter found that the actual business operation location, near Xicheng District New Culture Street Beijing City Hospital No. 12, a company called "Wushan fish restaurant. License expired still business as usual. The reporters found that a company called "spicy temptation (Han shop)" shop catering service license in early June this year has been expired. Experts pointed out that, in accordance with the regulations, holding a license expired is equivalent to operating without a license. "Ghost restaurant" and other issues still outstanding reporters found that some of the past have been dealt with the network ordering the old problems are still prevalent. Public address does not match with the actual operation of the ghost restaurant uncommon. A company called "nourishing powder source" shop, public address of the Beijing city of Haidian District Daliushu Road No. 13. But the reporter field survey found that there are shops, but not only did not carry out any plaque, there is no obvious position to hang out in the restaurant business license. This reporter visited the merchant found that in recent months, there are a number of customers that the message sent to the door takeaway food taste is not right, after eating diarrhea symptoms. Reporters found that some businesses play cat and mouse game, every time after the media exposure, online ordering platform will license the business off the shelf, but before long, similar new problems appeared again, again and again. Beijing food and Drug Administration Department of the sea相关的主题文章: