The more routine more happy "we have come to the" hot – Chengdu Railway Station ending entertainment   Sohu; "we have come to the Chengdu Railway Station" hot Sohu entertainment news continued ending the first phase of Chengdu Railway Station knowledge explosion and other interesting aspects of the game the strength of comedy style, "we have come to the" re fierce strokes, bear cat knowledge PK edition, Sichuan dialect three people eat chili and other novelty play turns into battle, character are distinct stars accentuates the magical bursting point for hot Chengdu adds beyond all expectations, laughter. Sheenah Wang Han Angie Chiu blunt water power adorable in this issue of the program recording, "we have come to the" program group came to the panda base, let the stars and giant pandas have a close contact. However, the baby panda can not casually to close, must be familiar with the knowledge in order to become a "panda keeper", a baby panda knowledge PK therefore kicked off. The first game by pumping bamboo decide the priority answer right. When Angie Chiu was lucky to be able to get a long bamboo beat, but the moment she cast a circle topic — Sichuan dialect "talk". As Sichuan’s Sheenah and Sichuan son-in-law Wang Han is instantly incarnation of division, frequently to the tips of his teammates right answer A, "Aye Aye" ring, and threw the fan, but also throw hard hats, attract the attention of Angie Chiu exhaust all the skills. However, RIO did not budge upright Adrianne sister, turned out to surprise people to listen to Carina Lau’s misleading, perfect to avoid the correct answer, full energy to stay adorable, without affectation, provoking endless love. How deep is a routine game black hole good worry as long as "we have come to the" the ten guests together, no matter what the place will have more laughter. After eating the delicious Chengdu cuisine, the guests are once again into the game mode, playing the "three characters eat chili" interactive games. The stars have their own choice of a name of the Three Kingdoms, and then ask others to eat chili, did not keep up with the rhythm of the people eat chili as punishment. Pound, Joe, Xiahou Yuan, Wen Chou, various complicated three names get you full of mistakes. Xi Mengyao even wrong two times, eat chili ears steaming; size Joe sisters Angie Chiu, Yuan Hong deduce love to kill to eat; Karen Mok numb to the reaction delay; Joe Chen is excited to stand on the chair on "Pound’s anger"…… Please eat hot peppers in the final round of tug of war, Wang Han exposed nature of an old traveller, staring at Jiang Yiyan but mad call Carina Lau pulled Jiang Yiyan into the game, black hole breath, win the final victory. In the afternoon, the sky in Chengdu suddenly echoed with such a bleak dialogue: "what is the longest way you have gone?" "Han elder brother’s routine!" "We have come to the" Chengdu Railway Station road of laughter, humanistic knowledge, love and dedication, difficult challenges and other rare game experience, let the character of the land of abundance city features and guests of the show more most incisive. Delicacy, beauty, beauty, Maxim, "we have come to the next stage" and will give us what kind of surprise? Friday night 20:20 Hunan TV, we Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: