The imperial GL bike reached the car before the ten, you feel okay – Sohu car models: Geely imperial GL listed time: 2016.9.20 price: 78 thousand and 800 yuan -11.38 yuan (1.8L car enterprises subsidies 3000 yuan purchase tax) to buy index: 80% for the imperial GL price is actually not much suspense, after all the same platform brothers models in GS already listed, so both the price and configuration is not surprising. I am in a circle after the listing to browse the imperial GL forum, the forum found that there are some different voices, such as "95 thousand and 800 GL and 106 thousand and 900 Hideo, Geely is too confident", such as "7.88 subsidies as three thousand, plus seven thousand buy modern Lang low with naked car", it seems that there are still some consumers for master of the Geely made not to pay. Perhaps in their view, a number of joint venture brands have some advantages, more than the advantages of the product itself provides. At this time I think Geely executives took turns in the imperial GL shouted the target — the imperial GL is to break the monopoly of the joint venture car before ten. But more surprising is that Geely gives such a high goal, but not with independent brands consistently low prices, on the contrary, the imperial GL kingpin models pricing to district 80 thousand yuan -10 yuan apart, it has already reached the Fu Rui Adams, Lang, Lang Yi, Hideo models the price line. Obviously, the same price, is a joint venture to buy cars or buy their own brand cars, this is a problem for consumers to Geely, Geely to consumers choose to do this, we can see now how Geely self-confidence is sufficient. The products we have done experience, blind comparison, so we can no longer say, we choose to discuss the imperial prospect and the goal after the listing of GL with five problems, selection of imperial GL important for Geely and consumers are concerned about the. 1, the new imperial imperial GL and is two generations? Although the new imperial imperial GL and has "imperial" two words, but in its aspects, these two cars are not known as the "two generation" of the strategy. "The new imperial imperial GL and two completely different cars, both the process of quality, chassis, materials, engineering design is not the same, so the two generation models together to sell is not like other joint venture enterprises, deputy general manager, Geely Automobile sales company responsible for car products such as Song Jun responded. He said, the new imperial imperial GL and completely for the different market segments, one is 60 thousand yuan level sedan market brands are good, is a new development of the high-end A-class car market, who is the question of who is not so affected. According to him, the imperial GL actually can also use other names, but Geely finally decided to put it beneath the "imperial" this brand models, the formation of a new family of models. "The ‘Imperial Legion’ concept and the Lavida family is not quite the same, pay more attention to the lateral expansion of imperial Legion A-class car market, not just confined to a model of the derivative. So you I相关的主题文章: