The electronic pet game player for 20 years and the Tamagotchi have to say the story of 19 year old Beijing girl hair greasy in 10 years there have been nearly 40 tamagotch, she’s in the game this mini spent ten thousand yuan. In her Instagram, there are more than and 400 copies of the Tamagotchi form record: keep out of the new role, lovely to open a new scene, hidden pets married family portrait and so on. She is also keen to play on each photo #tamagotchi topic labels, this let her know many foreign Tamagotchi game player. You may not know the name "Tamagotchi", but you may remember a thing called "electronic pet". "Tamagotchi" is a Japanese Bandai company in November 1996 launched the electronic pet toy, game machine in the shape of the egg, as long as you through the three buttons to control and develop the small pet screen. The Tamagotchi’s most popular two years, it only reached about 40000000 in global sales. This digital rescue Bandai year on the verge of consolidated financial crisis, the stock of the company have gone up — as you might see today Poké Go effect of mon on Nintendo stock. The "report" in May 1997 by the New York Times "invasion" of the word to describe the Tamagotchi hot: it almost everywhere, and always can be quickly sold out in the shelves. However, the thing that exists in the memory of most people’s childhood has been out of sight for a long time. Greasy hair first contact with electronic pets or in her three years old — is from the flea market to buy pirated pet machine, many years later, her pet machine that Tucao dinosaur egg shape: "got really not much, still dead." Until the age of 8, she learned from her sister see light suddenly, the mouth of the original genuine pet egg called "tamagotchi". But the price of 138 yuan for her a little out of reach, and after her parents Ruanmoyingpao finally from WAL-MART bought the first Tamagotchi of their own, then after they get out of hand. Also popular in the Tamagotchi in the school are not allowed to take the electronic pet students, hair greasy often after class and classmates secretly go online. Just last month, she has just received the twenty anniversary of the launch of the latest generation of 000 models Tamagotchi m! X, after she moved to cry "to express the feelings of excitement over" on micro-blog. M Tamagotchi! X but now, like greasy greasy such a loyal gamers are not many. Perhaps twenty years ago, you could feel the madness of this mini pet machine. In 1997 May, more than half a year before the launch of the tamagotchi. Not only children and students, it captures the hearts of many adults. A report in the description, Niguchi Mayumi put the Tamagotchi pets in the chicken "Hanako as her own child, the 35 year old female owner went everywhere with it. In the "flower".相关的主题文章: