The driver of Chongqing red card after the police men and women hiding its fishing arrested (Figure) – Beijing Chengdu Chongqing high-speed car suspected of illegal operations, in charge of the station is of acceptance inspection. Who knows, the driver did not stop, also headed for law enforcement personnel, and then in other high-speed road exit card to escape after hiding, but a week later he was captured. Yesterday, the high-speed law enforcement detachment of five brigade to the Chongqing Evening News reported the malicious escape case washed off. Law enforcement officers rushed to the car the morning of August 30th, the five brigade enforcement officers to carry out law enforcement inspection station entrance G5013 in Chongqing and Chengdu high-speed main line Shapingba, found a license plate number for the Yu DS6331 car suspected of overloading, passengers also reflect the driver charged they fare ready for the big foot region. Suspected of overloading and illegal operations, we asked him to stop the car for inspection." Law enforcement officers recalled, the driver did not listen to the command, direct Guadang Meng throttle, the bar open toll station, rushed to the front of the other law enforcement officers after the escape. Fortunately, law enforcement officers to avoid timely, law enforcement recorder fell to the ground. Law enforcement officers immediately dispatched to intercept the toll station east in dazu. "His way of speeding, we also dare to chase, he could only in the next Dazu East toll station surveillance." Law enforcement officials said, but the driver is cunning, he changed in Chongqing and Chengdu high-speed interchange to Tongliang Sanhuan high-speed eons, direction. The red card playing hide and seek escape after more than and 10 minutes, the high-speed Tongliang toll station law enforcement department received a call from the alarm call, a car rushed in card evasion. After comparison, it is law enforcement officers to find the car. The red card to Tongliang South Toll Station rail damage. Since the car refused to accept the check malicious red card and the collision law enforcement personnel, five brigade to the area Chenjiaqiao police station reported. The police through the vehicle information query to the owner for Liu, Dazu Baoding district town, Liu analysis is concerned the driver. However, Yu DS6331 washed off after escaping, completely disappeared. The police several days investigating Mopai all can not find the car information, also found no Liu figure. Police judge, Liu high-speed after remove the license plate, went into hiding, Liu did not live in the household. The police men play female QQ fishing out he passed round the clock and multi Dunshou outside investigation, September 6th, police station and high-speed law enforcement personnel in Dazu District, a district resident building Liu captured, and seized the vehicle washed off. Originally, the police through various visits to get Liu QQ number, the police men play female chat with him, found the relevant information in their place of residence, hiding days Liu could not hide. After investigation, Liu fled after the red Dazu, take down the front and rear of the vehicle license plate, leading to the police station and high-speed law enforcement departments are unable to find its trace. At present, because of the obstruction of the execution of the law was sentenced to 10 days of detention by the police according to law. At the same time, Liu was on the highway does not obey the law enforcement personnel command, forcibly washed off, will be fined 3200 yuan, and 495 yuan to pay the tolls of punitive compensation, damages to highway facilities 1900相关的主题文章: