The difference in the herd mentality of the stock market and property market? Sina Finance App: live on the line to guide the purchase of new shares on the one hand: the most simple way to pick up the stock market is not calm week! A shares closed, the property market is not easy to break, investors, tenant heart fandigu, starting a smooth road, the highway continues to add back…… I used to listen to the uncle said, life is a struggle, happiness is to suffer, this letter? Some netizens ridicule, the National Day holiday play a circle back, found that he had not qualified to buy a house, fortunately, this "not qualified" is not necessarily a bad thing, for example, was unable to husband while lightly holiday bill, while pretending to be the old woman said ruefully, you see, before not determined now, Shoufu increased, this was not to buy, in fact, the kind of relief heart Anshuang almost didn’t suppress. The property market highlights the poor crazy herd mentality of the National Day holiday, in the circle of friends constantly refresh, in addition to run all over the world and sell the local delicacy both men and women, is the real estate policies across all first-tier cities and some second tier city introduced the. Could not find a more suitable than the "Crazy" words to describe the property market in September this year, to buy a house is like buying cabbage prices, a price one day, "to" buy the panic, continuous fermentation, repetition, infection, approximate a blast. However, after the climax, must be empty, after entering the National Day holiday, 19 city overtime introduced the new deal, restart the purchase credit limit, having lots of suspense. If this year to the larger rise north deep has increased the intensity of policy measures to limit the purchase of loans are expected, then, such as Guangzhou, Zhuhai, the early or mild night also joined the army of city regulation much beyond all expectations. The golden nine silvers ten is the traditional real estate sales season, inventory of "Kim Gu", not only first-tier cities already glittering, even part of the second tier city real estate also opened a soaring mode, but this rise always make people at ease, often hidden behind the little-known worries. As long as the relevant historical data to do a horizontal comparison, you will find that the income ratio of Chinese residents, has exceeded the same indicators of the Japanese real estate bubble period. According to the existing data, the current mortgage income Chinese residents is more than 0.46, has exceeded the Japanese real estate bubble level, if the current rate of expansion, 5 years will be reached record highs in the US before the financial crisis, and the key indicators of the latest release of the real estate market, is also close to the peak from the financial crisis in the United States: if new mortgage new real estate sales, the peak 52.6% in 2007. China in 2015 has risen to 35% in the first half of 2016 is a record high of nearly $42%, close to the peak level during the U.S. financial crisis. Obviously, the lever is overweight, the balance of personal loans China reached 16 trillion and 550 billion, that struck dumb. And all of this happened in 2015 after the stock market frenzy rushed 5000 points quickly相关的主题文章: