The Chongqing railway was ice freezing originating in Chongqing more long-distance trips EMU late today (9) morning, the Chengdu Railway Bureau released the news, November 8th to 9, Southwest China suffered the first round of cold air invasion, Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing railway line sand station to cool mist station due to dump heavy snow, many long-distance trips originating in Chongqing EMU late. At present, the railway has been removed in accordance with the 160km h limit will gradually release the train. Chengdu Railway Bureau, affected by the cold air, the temperature dropped in many parts of Sichuan, Chongqing snow. Among them, the Chengdu Railway Bureau Shanghai Chengdu Chongqing railway station line of cold fog continued to snow for about 11 hours, the station of snow depths up to 200 mm and the rail and turnout buried, affecting railway traffic. In order to ensure passenger personal and property safety, the Chengdu Railway Bureau launched the freezing disaster weather emergency response, to take temporary parking, traffic speed and other ways to strengthen the traffic organization, to reduce the impact of weather on Railway transport. Affected by the snow effects, including Chongqing to Beijing, Qingdao, originating in Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, starting to Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou direction EMU, more trains delayed to varying degrees. At present, the Chengdu Railway Bureau has organized personnel and equipment into the snow removal work of Chongqing Lichuan railway. On the morning of November 9th, Fuling Public Works section of cold fog line and station, electricity and other units in 50 workers of the rescue team to carry out deicing snow removal work, rescue workers using shovels, brooms to clean the snow cover in the switch, and the melting of the ice on the switch sliding bed using specialized tools, to ensure the normal use switch and switch machine. Cool snow Bingqing work is being launched in the fog station, the railway has been removed in accordance with the 160km h limit will gradually release the train. It is understood that due to Chengdu, Chongqing originating long-distance moving car is "start at dawn and arrive at dusk night temperatures reduce, easily lead to snow and freezing weather, the Chengdu Railway Bureau to remind passengers recent travel plans at any time to pay attention to the weather and train, reasonable arrange mode according to their own needs. (upstream News – Chongqing Morning News)

渝利铁路遭冰雪凝冻 重庆始发多趟长途动车组晚点今(9)日上午,成都铁路局发布消息,11月8日至9日,我国西南地区遭遇首轮寒冷空气侵袭,沪蓉线渝利铁路沙子站至凉雾站间因突降大雪,重庆始发多趟长途动车组晚点。目前,已清除完毕的线路股道将按照160km h的限速逐步放行列车。成都铁路局介绍,受此次寒冷空气影响,四川、重庆多个地区气温骤降出现降雪天气过程。其中,成都铁路局管内的沪蓉线渝利铁路凉雾站区持续降雪约11小时,站场积雪最深处达到200毫米并将线路钢轨、道岔等掩埋,影响铁路行车。为确保旅客人身财产安全,成都铁路局启动了冰雪凝冻灾害天气应急响应,采取临时停车、限速通行等方式加强行车组织,降低雨雪天气对铁路运输的影响。受此次降雪影响,包括重庆始发去往北京、青岛、上海、南京、厦门、深圳、宁波等方向,成都始发去往福州、郑州、上海、北京、杭州、广州等方向动车组在内的多趟列车不同程度晚点。目前,成都铁路局已组织人员和机具投入到渝利铁路的除雪工作。11月9日清晨,涪陵工务段凉雾线路工区及车站、电务等单位50名职工组成的抢险队伍开展了除冰扫雪工作,抢险人员利用铁锹、扫帚对覆盖在道岔上的积雪进行清理,并使用专业工具对道岔滑床上的凝冰进行融化,保证转辙机、尖轨的正常使用。凉雾站场的除冰清雪工作正在紧张展开,已清除完毕的线路股道将按照160km h的限速逐步放行列车。据了解,由于成都、重庆始发长途动车均为“朝发夕至”,夜间气温降低极易引发降雪、冰冻等天气,因此成都铁路局提醒近期有出行计划的旅客随时关注天气和列车情况,根据自身需要合理安排出行方式。(上游新闻-重庆晨报)相关的主题文章: